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Street Art and Urbanism

Street art can breathe new life into previously down at heel areas of a city. From Melbourne to San Francisco and Bristol, locations worldwide have capitalized on the street art that they once sought to remove. This has led to books being written and travel companies starting to organize street art tours that allow visitors to a city to see some of its best graffiti. For many people, street art is a vital part of urban life, which has led to some people hanging reproductions of pieces by famous street artists such as Banksy in their home for visitors to admire.

Street Art: The Genre of Art Accessible To Everyone Around The World

12 Jul 2021

Street art, the independent and unofficial form of visual art created in public places, is also referred to as “smart vandalism.” Some of it is done legally, and others are not.

It is meant to convey messages to society and raise awareness of social and political issues. These urban spaces can also be used to display personal artwork or just create beauty for an audience.

Street art has evolved from protest graffiti to a broader genre and has become part of the cultural heritage of many cities around the world. Viewing it has become a popular activity for tourists.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Some people would much rather see art in a museum rather than in the streets. Just like the world of online sportsbooks and casinos, there will always be those who prefer to go to play at the land-based venue.

Street art can be found in unexpected places and is done by famous artists like Banksy and by rebellious and artistic locals with cans of spray paint worldwide. It gives us a feeling for the local culture (as well as many great photo opportunities!)

Where you can go to see street art

The work of Banksy, the most famous UK street artist, can be seen all over the world, though a lot of his work is defaced by vandals. But some have now been protected by fences and plexiglass, and you can see it in a few cities in America.

You can see lots of his murals in London and other cities in the UK, as well as all over the world.

  • The US has some of the most incredible street art globally, with most of it being found in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.
  • Mexico City has works done by street artists from all over the world.
  • London is so well known for street art that there are tours of famous works.
  • Chile is also known for its prolific street art, and it can be found on many buildings, stairs, sidewalks, and many other spaces.
  • France has some of the best street art in the world, the area of Montmartre in Paris is the most famous. A lot of the work here is done by local artists who live in the area.
  • Brazil has many works in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, where Eduardo Korba is well known.
  • In Lisbon, Portugal, you can see the most prominent examples of street art, with some taking up the entire side of buildings.
  • The city of Bogota in Colombia is known for its colorful and vibrant street art.
    Melbourne in Australia has a long history of street art, dating from the 1970s, and has murals with many themes like pop icons and sports stars.
  • In Russia, there are many examples of pothole street art and other works found all over the country.


The medium of street art is now so well known and appreciated that a branch of art-focused tourism has become popular, “mural/street art tourism.”
For locals in a community, street art can give a sense of pride, ownership, and identity.