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Mr. Brainwash – Terrible Artist or Worst Artist ever?

After I watched Banksy’s “Exit Through The Gift Shop” yesterday, I have a split opinion about Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash.

Brainwash made millions of dollars with copying great street artists’ artworks, and I don’t know whether I should think that he’s a mean cheater or only a clever baddie?! The onliest thing I know is, that the people who call themselves “Mr. Brainwash Fans” are really brainwashed:

Hundreds of people lined up in the cold on Sunday to attend the grand opening of Mr. Brainwash’s “Icons” exhibit in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Astonishingly, most of the diverse mix of hoodrats, art fags, and the cluelessly curious were ardent fans.

Undeterred by his negative portrayal in the Banksy film or the naysayers online, they were more than supportive, almost delirious in their affection for the wealthy artist. (animalnewyork.com)

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Animal New York visited the opening and asked one simple question: “Is Mr. Brainwash a terrible artist or the worst artist ever?” It’s a short crazy film…

What do you think, is Mr. Brainwash a terrible artist or the worst artist ever? I’m curios about your answers…

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  1. biggest bunch of bullshit ever. Totally ruined the meatmarket with his awful, awful awful cynical art. The crap with the records? The fake edginess? I have no words but HIDEOUS! Who do I sue to make him stop putting it up?

  2. if people ever purchased this type of mess they should also give money to the cities and towns in they made a mess of personal and public property, disregard for this is a sign of no respect to you’re fellow man, that works hard every day at his or her boring job to pay taxes so that you can just make them clean you’re unwanted paint mess,

    how do you care for the planet earth with those spray cans and paint you use, shame on all of you! a big mess! lets start a class action lawsuit

  3. After seeing exit through the gift shop this guy is a phony and he has ppl make his work for him

  4. i don’t mind him at all. i would never spend money on a piece of his but he’s a harmless guy making art and enjoying life. Also, this might be interesting to some of you out there, Banksy is a genius and an amazing artist, but his art is completely derivative of another stencil artist from France named Blek Le Rat. Blek Le Rat is one of the earlier street artists who does wheat paste and stencil work involving rats and similar social/political statements that are typically the theme of Banksy’s work. so for people to hate on this man for copying other artists styles when all artists start in the same way is unfortunate. and i mean his name is MR BRAINWASH! haha it’s not like he’s hiding what he’s doing. he’s recycling famous images from the media that have been engrained in our minds just like many street artists do.

  5. People really have no clue that Mr. Brainwash represents ‘the brainwash’, and is an ‘enigma’? It’s a creation by Banksy. A meta performance to make a point. It’s one of his pieces, played out in the real world.

    How, people really are slow. No wonder the art world is so backwards.

    • Wow you’re such a genius, i mean your completely generalized comment was pure intelligence and trying to place yourself above everyone by saying you know why this is done and everyone else is slow, makes you even more of a douche.

  6. I don’t think that is the point at all. It’s not a MBW vs the real underground street artists. The whole movie was about art’s perception. MBW learned his “craft” by watching how the best in the business did it. Then he optimized (by hiring assistants) and applied that same formula commercially. People ate his shit up.

    @Tim has got the right idea and Banksy hinted at it towards the end of the film. Why would people pay for this commercialized art?

    I think that people still liked it because it still provided commentary for the societal, intellectual, and artistic problems that are inherent to the human condition. The individual pieces weren’t good but the way and context in which they were shown is where they derived their meaning. It’s like the Alanis Morissette song “Ironic”. Everything she talks about isn’t ironic, they are unfortunate circumstances. Yet the song as a whole is ironic because it is called “Ironic” and there is nothing ironic in it. This same sort of situation applies to MBW. His work by itself isn’t valuable but when put in context it is actually quite provocative.

    Then this leads to what Banksy said at the end of the movie. If someone with no previous artistic experience can come into the art world and succeed, both commercially and artisticly (by commenting on the human condition), then what is the point? Why put in all this time and effort when someone can just stumble upon a solution? It completely invalidates all the time that Banksy, Shepard, and every other artist has previously done. Which leads us back to the point of the entire film: what is the point of art and what do we think it is?

    • Calling something ironic when it isn’t is poor word choice, not irony.

  7. I agree with Tim. He’s a creation unleashed in the real world by Banksy’s influence.

  8. Going down further I also agree with Mike.

  9. I can’t be sure, but i think LTD and Mike agreed with Tim while missing his (entirely correct) point. Banksy has gone out of his way to discredit this guy who comes off looking terrible… hang on, weren’t they friends 38 minutes ago? I am confused about the lack of subtlety in this film. Mr Brainwash is such an obvious metaphor for the increasingly commercialized world of street art that this movie could be nothing but a deliberate satire. If I am wrong and Mr Brainwash actually exists, then it would mean that Bansky has (deliberately or not) slandered the name of a fellow artist all in the interest of making himself and a few other artists look good… really good. I don’t think so little of him as that. He’s proved himself too clever in the past… He mentioned himself in the film that people’s reaction to art is its most interesting feature… everyone seems to be lapping up the “artistic horrors” of Mr. Brain-Wash up so readily I wonder if all of your reactions are meant to be a part of this artwork too? Just a thought.

  10. I love him. I loved the movie. The art is fun. It’s just a bit of a laugh.

  11. Banksy is Mr. Brainwash. The joke is on us.

  12. It is so great that people still dont get it and believe that mr brainwash is some crazy french dude turned videographer turned commercially successful artist… massive respect for banksy for pulling this off!

  13. yeah, it’s right, the whole ‘brainwash’ story has multiple and even different layers. on the one hand he could be an artificial character but on the other he is a real person and earns a lot of money…i guess the question is whether and when the story will be cleared up completely, or?

  14. mike you’re on the button couldnt have put it better myself…

  15. mr.brainwash makes meaningless “art” for stupid people.
    banksy is a real artist. all of his works have a message; he’s fighting against the system

  16. he copied banksy, but left out the messages

  17. “mr.brainwash makes meaningless “art” for stupid people.
    banksy is a real artist. all of his works have a message; he’s fighting against the system
    LOL yeah riiiight
    I’ve never seen a picture hold a machinegun, I’ve only seen pictures of elvis holding pix of machineguns. What/which system is being fought? Full on MacWindows corporate consumerism or ‘street art’ style cardboard cut out corporate consumerism?
    You can’t fight anything by joining it; everything about banksy, mr brainwash, and their fellow travellers suggests humans self promoting in exactly the same desperate way to gain brand recognition as the most egregiously hyped piece of useless made in china designed in amerika piece of worthless crap.
    Oh that’s because they are being ironic? OF course but I go back to what I said about joining while claiming you’re fighting. No such thing. If you want to fight ‘the system’ buy a gun and shoot the ceo of coca cola in exactly the same calm removed from reality, offhand way that coca cola workers were shot in Latin Amerika, for wanting to join a union. Or shoot yer elected representive so he/she dies just the same way as the 1 million Iraqis died as a result of the illegal invasion your elected rep voted for or remember the maimed and murdered afghani wedding guests by blowing up one of the demopublicans who voted to switch the killing from iraq to afghanistan.
    That is fighting the system. But making bad/ironic/derivitave images is just making bad/ironic/derivative images. There is no meaningful subtext to a passive aggressive act, other than the obvious, that the author was a weak willed bitch trying to have a dollar each way on a 50 cent wager.

  18. hey oi,
    interesting comment, but first it’s a totally new topic and second you maybe ignore the important fact of successful visual propaganda in humans history.

    But back to the main topic: “Is Mr. Brainwash a terrible artist or the worst artist ever?”

  19. I think we shouldn’t rate art by how much people are willing to pay for it.

    I think that is the biggest problem, capitalism gives you the illusion that one guys work of art is more important than another, at least that’s how the public will percieve it.

    Mister brainwash is a business and who knows maybe that in itself is the art.

    I’m no fan of his work, i think it’s bland unoriginal, shows no real craftsmanship or vision. but then again those are my criteria for good art.

    In an ideal world money and art aren’t related. But this isn’t an ideal world.

  20. I just watched the film ‘Exit through the gift shop’ Mister Brainwash is a creation from Banksy. A way of putting himself out there while still staying anonymous. I guess you could say MBW is Banksy

  21. MBW is like is like an candidate running for election. Its all about image and spending a lot of money on a PR team.He doesn’t see that he is an over night sell out. Exit through the gift shop explains it all. he’s a hypester!

  22. MBW uses the same strategy like Warhol to make money out of the perception of being an artist, using others for the creative part and rather caring about the marketing/commercial/hype aspect of “his” art. If Lady Gaga can be called “artist”, why not MBW?

    Any act unnecessary for immediate survival can be considered as art, from arranging food to look pleasant over pissing your name in the snow to producing “artworx” that find happy customers willing to pay hard-earned (or inherited) money to own it.

    Most people need to work to earn a living, and only few manage to make a living out of being an artist. MBW doesn’t seem to be obliged to join the rat race to make money (just like Banksy…), otherwise he couldn’t have spend nights filming street artists, and travelling around the globe to follow his passions.

    Art and artists are nothing but labels quite arbitrarily assigned. It is rather a question of personal likes and dislikes to call something art. Some people judge the quality on the craft displayed, others judge simply the commercial success. Art simply invites us to an ideosyncratic perspective on life, and doesn’t care about our appreciation of it.

    MBW’s craft doesn’t base on the production of artworks, but on the hype and commercial exploitation of art. Does that make him a bad artist? Actually, I couldn’t care less. I can’t develop enough jealousy to grief about his commercial success (if the information in Exit through the giftshop is correct), and most of the pieces don’t appeal enough to me to spend money for them.

    So if MBW found some suckers to sell other artist’s pieces for a million dollar, good on him. I think politicians are much worse artists than MBW can ever be, and they can oblige us to pay via taxes for their abysmal pieces of performance.

    Street art uses the element of surprise, and you cannot recreate the moment you turned around a corner and saw something stunning on a wall that turned into a canvas. I cannot escape street art (unless I narrow my attention while leaving my cosy home), but I still can decide whether I want to pay for MBW’s works, or promote it in some way.

    If you live in some sort of gated community, you might miss out on street art, and might want to pay for its authentic expression of human creativity. MBW just allows the few poor rich people a taste of real life for lotsa money, as Banksy did with his LA exhibition. So what?

  23. Surely he’s a Banksy creation – an actor (and a comic one at that); somebody must know who he is. I didn’t know anything about MBW before seeing the film and I’m a natural sceptic so that probably helped me see through it. There are so many little snippets made in the film to point out the curiousness of the value of art and fashion.

    Starting with the selling of reject clothing as ‘designer’ for exorbitant sums, and for example there was the stencilling of an eyepatch on a Mona Lisa, et voila $15,000 for a bit of spraypaint or whatever it was he said.
    A paraphrase from a promotor – I’ve never seen so much work from a single artist.
    Paraphrase’s from above – MBW has copied lots of artists work and sold as his own (including the Marilyn Monroes – famously Banksy’s Kate Moss). Could it be that Banksy has gathered together work from multiple street artists, used his influence e.g. “He’s a force of nature…” and his experience gained from running big shows and his balls to create these monster shows to sell other people’s art and give them the money?

    I did think Space Invader was quite cool though.

  24. First of all, he seems like a really good person! jaja, and that has a value as huge as art itself. Second, if you don’t like it, that ok, and if you do, that´s ok too.
    Stop judging and trying to make people think like you, that´s not what art is about neither life.
    If someone wants to buy his art at hundreds of thousands, that´s ok too. money doesen’t mean a thing in this world.

  25. I like that the artist made the film, and the film maker made-makes the art. Bansky doesn’t believe in commercialization of his work, doesn’t want to be associated with it’s exposure, keeps the mystic of his work (also it’s appeal), and does it to send a message about something political.

    Well – there’s his message – people don’t really care about the quality of the art, artist, and more about economic value and if it looks cool. It’s exactly how pop artists function – you have a blond coke-head Paris Hilton making and selling music because she can make money through hype despite that fact that she has little value as a human, but still has millions of followers that will actually go and buy her “work”… why? because they’re brainwashed.

    On the superficial level, art snobs are pretty ridiculous going around buying up super expensive pieces of canvas to impress their friends while you have 60% of the world dying of hunger/aids/easily preventable diseases.

    Does Bansky want to go down in the books as being a “pop” artist? don’t think so.
    Could it be an overinflated parallel to Banky’s real life? probably.
    don’t really understand the Disney thing – is the FBI behind all of it?

  26. Mr Brainwash is most likely a hoax created by Banksy for the movie. If he IS real, I’m saddened that he got all the publicity and fame while original artists went unnoticed. even though in the movie they say that it isn’t about the fame or money, it’s still not right.
    Mr Brainwash has been brainwashed by the original street artists he documented and simply copied it.

  27. MBW isn’t Bansky, MBW is a Banksy and the people buying in to it are a Banksy as well.

    Life is beautiful ;-)

  28. MBW – Nice way of putting it!

  29. well in the film he starts as a guy that sells cheap old clothes for expensive prices to celebrities. and as it looked like, he would earn a lot of money of it, travelling the whole world, though is family lived kind of poor (fake movie?)
    well, it shows this guy has a big talent, a talent in selling things… and obsession
    well actually that’s saddly one of the biggest factors nowadays, now how market/sell your things. also bansky is a good salesman, if you really think about it.
    film fake or not, the hype is on it’s way, some people knew how to make the right promo in the right place at the right time!!!

  30. you have been brainwashed with fake art ;-)

  31. I’ll label him as an artist / entrepreneur / marketer

  32. It may be a moronic reboot of andy worhol. It is amazing that people actually spend so much money on the shit. As retarded as he seems he is actually a very brilliant business man. He knows and understands the market… this shits not any different than his designer clothing store with the shitty stitching.

  33. Fuck sake!! come on now the bloke is not an artists at all!! artist come up with theyre original picture banksy is not original either if any know blek le rat you will tell..and obey is a bloody cunt too he owns no original picture!! bunch of sell outs!! aswell

  34. Jokes on all of you, MBW is a Banksy art project!

  35. Thiery Guetta; I would not call him an Artist as his “art” fails to fulfill one of the fundamental objectives of Art, which is to ORIGINALLY communicate a particular perspective. However, I do praise him not only because he (unknowingly) defies what we define as Art, by presenting us with its counterfeit counterpart, he serves as a reflection of todays cut-and-paste, front-page-deep society where quantity is grossly overvalued over quality. I would label him as the street art equivalent of a waiting room print, however I can’t praise him enough for bringing to light the fallacies of the art market, but more importantly for doing what art does best, raise questions.

  36. If MBW is stupid, well he sure outfoxed Shepard Fairey and Banksy. If Fairey thinks MBW is unoriginal, well he hadn’t looked at his own creations at all. This sort of art is polarizing people and getting them to question art, good, terrible or whatever. No doubt its a Banksy prank but they won’t admit it until they win the Oscars for ‘best documentary’.

  37. ” An artist is not a guy you see in one show and you can decide who it is.
    If he copies banksy or if he copies shepard fairey, its about time. You will see in the time who I will be. Because with time, you will see my creativity…You will see if Im a real artist or not ” – MR BRAINWASH

    Just more evidence to backup that this “documentary” is a hoax. MR BRAINWASH has only had one show which was more than 2 years ago.

  38. Mister Brainwash is a fraud who don’t know what he’s doing. A FRAUD IS WHAT HE IS!!! STREET ARTISTS SHOULD PAINT THAT ON THEIR WALLS!!!

  39. Peoples are to blame, not MBW !!

  40. Yep, props to Banksy for a great film. He somehow found a way to resolve the central issue which clearly irks him – the affect of selling out and making money and how this is detrimental to the authenticity of the work.

    So he creates the enigma that is ‘mister Brainwash’; effectively his new brand which allows him to exist and make money within the commercial world whilst maintaining his street-cred as ‘Banksy’. Genius. People will either swallow the hype of Brainwash and buy his stuff, or believe it’s Banky’s work and want to buy it

  41. Total shit for art in my opinion. But respect for the man!
    At the start of the film you see his buisness, selling second hand clothes as ‘designer’
    How he turned 50 pounds into 5 thousand…And I thought yeah, sell it to the suckers…why not?

    Later in the film somebody asked him, ‘What do you do for a living?, he replied… ‘I sell’

    You saw him spraying and eye patch on a print of the mona lisa..?! and saying… ‘That’s it, 12,000′

    I loved how the film was perplexing…nobody really knew what to make of him, or what he meant…
    it’s cool, I don’t know what it really means, but I think he’s destroyed a few stereotypes about the idea that art is pretentious, or must have integrity, !

  42. Banksy’s done it again!

  43. Neither, he isn’t an artist. Paying people to mess around on photoshop is not art.

  44. Complete douche, someone who says “Life is a game of Chess. I don’t know how to play Chess.” must have mental issues…

    he is a shame for street art…

  45. Just finished watching “Exit through the gift shop” and I’m not sure which I believe… terrible artist or worst artist ever… I think I’m leaning towards terrible artist. My issue is that he copied ideas from people that trusted him and made millions off it. I think he would have been better off sticking with the documentary. I have a background in art and photojournalism and I saw it as a stab in the back. His subjects trusted him when he said he was making a documentary. What he put together barely reflected what he covered over those months. I don’t find his art as original as everyone seems to think. I much prefer Banksy’s approach to street art. His, at least, were original. “Mr. Brainwash” was only repetition. The film, by the way was phenomenal! I found it funny and was enjoying myself until “Mr. Brainwash” became an ‘artist’. What didn’t surprise me in the end was that Banksy swore he would never help anyone create a street art documentary again… which is a shame because I know of a lot of photojournalists, including myself who would love to chat with him about his art.

  46. well, banksy has relevant works and just fpr his provocation in the Gaza wall, he should be in history. Others like mbw makes money and will be in history too, as a typical phenomenon of our time… which is the HYPE. Mbw is just another name on the billboards who’s doing nothing to change society but making his ass richer and richer. You don’t like it, you don’t support it. Wanna do smtg against? Do your own art.

  47. its funny. MBW only got big due to promotions, the media and a few, and obviously ‘untrue’ comments by some big artist. Not only that, he had an enterprise; employees included. Now, for a man that claims that he is commenting on the brainwash mentality that is instilled due to the media, is it not ironic that he had to rely on the media to hype him up? to ‘brainwash’ the general public that he was a truly breaking arts? that because of an article in a magazine, it suddenly justified he was indeed prolific? funny. very funny. I mean, if that was the case, then all us struggling artist, would have no problem at all!! oh, thats right, he learnt from the best of the best… and he knew exactly how to exploit ‘contempoary art’. The biggest joke is on MR. Brainwash and those who really think that is art, and those that paid for that garbage. Well, its not garbage since “REAL” artist did create them, but since all the credit goes to MBW, its crap. This proves that with money, with contacts, anyone can be, seriously, anyone with MONEY and connections CAN BE AN ARTIST.

  48. When you guys buy clothes and pay for a brandname, do you actually think that the designer really designed the piece? I don’t see how this is any different and like mentioned by others, Warhol did the same and he still brings in millions everytime his art goes under the hammer. Look at the celebrities who sing, you actually think that they wrote all the songs. I think the movie itself was a hoax and an advertisement on itself to promote all the artists.

  49. Banksy’s joke on everyone, including himself.

  50. MBW – My Big Wank

  51. holy crap you idiots. did we watch the same film? read the comments and get a clue. this is a mockumentary on street art/banksy/obey/etc. it’s wonderful, but not real.

    think spinal tap meets andy warhol.

  52. No-one’s forcing you to buy MBW art. MBW is not a copier. He’s derivative. Yes, he’s relentlessly self-hyping. Yes, he went trojan-horse-like, deep into the street artists’ camp, getting close to the #2 and #1 artists in that scene, Banksy and Shephard Fairey, winning their trust and testimonials. He took Banksy’s dictum, to do your own art, to a level Banksy did not imagine, having an investment fund at his disposal greater than the average street artist. People liked it. Hell, I like it. I’d rather have an MBW on my wall rather than a Damient Hirst, or some abstract nonsense. Street Art, as represented by Banksy and Shephard, remains the biggest thing to hit Art, as narrated in ETTGS, an impact comparable to punk on music. It’s graphic and accessible to the middle-brow public. All that said, MBW can’t touch Banksy. Street art belongs on the street, for free. For that reason alone I wouldn’t ever pay a single cent for an MBW, or a Banksy for that matter. Banksy’s pranks are as much part of his art as his images themselves. He’s a Robin Hood figure, a modern folk hero, a Harlequin mocking the Tick-tock Man. His wealth is accidental and he uses it for bigger and better pranks. If you want a picture on your wall, paint one yourself, or, maybe better, produce one with the MBW trademark derivation, and see how easy it is.

  53. So you guys are saying that banksy went around for 8 years filming all of the obscure street artists in different countries, with the goal of eventually making a satirical documentary, staring a person who doesn’t exist. That’s bullshit. Stop mythologizing banksy. I don’t think that banksy is that good of a filmmaker to come up with all this shit. Real life is much more shocking sometimes.

  54. If your an artist, sometimes you have friends of friends who hang around and watch. You can see that they don’t really understand you, but they appreciate what’s happening. Then one day you find out they’ve starting make ugly derivite art of their own.

  55. The story presented by the film is perfectly believable is what I’m saying.

    And also, did Banksy invent Thierry Guetta’s vintage clothing store in the 90′s? Did he have that kind of foresight?

  56. Loool banksy is a joker and you are mugs.. Why can so few of you see MBW is a caricature aimed at satirizing the art world? I’ve enjoyed reading every single post and opinion. Love it up. The Oscars are bullsh*t but shame on them if they leave this gem out..
    I want more.

  57. At last a satire about this art that everybody wants one’s share of the cake, including myself ;)
    Is there any benefit for people loving to express themself on the street without being busted by police???

  58. Simple, his aesthetic is questionable.
    He has revised and overtly apropriated the work of his peers. Untrained and simply un original, Tupperware art for non educated art lovers. Does Bansky endorse this fraud, MBW is exactly whats wrong with Fine Art, not only can he not talk about his own work “because he didnt make it” he spurts in unintellectual ramblings. Funny how the work sell for what they did, Piss off Mr Brain Wash

    • This trail of debate is one of the artistic intentions, I have no doubt. I love it all!

  59. While watching the film I was thinking about how pissed I would be if I had been one of the artist that influenced him and showed him around the street art world. Simply because later he was told to go out and put some work in and he came up with technically “different” art pieces but all of them were the same exact style of other artists. The only thin he did originally was the stencil of himself. He’s just a biter who exploited his friends to get hype and in turn get money.

  60. INDYK? Of Banksy (not Bansky) endorses MBW, he is the star of the film. Without him, there would be no movie, at least only a movie shown to 3 people in a dilapidated art house. “MBW is exactly what’s wrong with fine art”. I thought we were talking about street art? That is what the film is all about, so maybe you can take your highbrow high faluting nostril and stick it elsewhere where the sun don’t shine. Why would Banksy be pissed off? This film has made him more accessible than ever, on the back of simpletons hating MBW! All of you are sheep and exactly the people, Banksy, ‘MBW’ and Fairey want to brainwash! Baaaaaa!

  61. Sitting on a bench
    looking out to sea
    I saw
    you wash
    I see you bank

    I love how you got those artdealers !! Jumping in it as if they just found a new Picasso !!!
    Who are they to tell us what worths what ? They lost their soul, they ARE brainwashed.

  62. Well – this is just one mans opinion.

    I feel as if this is all a magnified rendition of what we would be reading durning the Andy Warhol and jean michel basquiat time frame. We live in a culture that rotates it’s collective consciousness, like flipping a coin. We all approach this band wagon at some point or another. And if u take offense to that statement in some way u probably think that u were/ are near the front of the movement in question. Is MBW even an artist to begin with? Which is really the base of any answer to this original question.

    Well all are is subjective- ( everyone says that normally when they think someones opinion is wrong or need to state the obvious )

    I feel that taken a closer look at the back story, Banksy in all of his infante wisdom figured out what most us us don’t. Containing the monster is better than letting it run free and eventually step on you. He knew and clear as sherpard did that they were ceo’s in the quite monster machine that would become the new norm in underground street art. So either one of two things happened, ( I think )
    One – they had this master plan from the beginning .
    Two – somewhere around the aroma us success and watching toys mess up crappy renditions of wannabe obey wheat pasted dysaters they took control.
    And struck while the iorn was hot. Took LA by storm and strategically released the well crafted and PC “documentary” which I enjoyed thoroughly. Around the time of new York. And as I watched it I felt my self getting enraged by the end and standing up in arms, while the innocent on lookers wondered why I cared so much. . . Then I realized right then , that film by Banksy reached me like perfect propaganda should. Just in time to Exit through the gift shop – thank you to all who helped in that decade in the making because as a viewer I will be telling my kids and grand kids about one of the greatest times in our culture.

  63. Banksy is a genius. Only the most intelligent artists in the world know when to change the face of their own art. And he made sure that change was controlled. I dont think the documentary is a “prank”, but more of a bizarre story that Banksy was able to turn into a moral lesson. For other artists.

    And he lets us know what he learned in the end.

    I wish is some small form that they would have kept the passion of what they were doing to them self. I feel as the generation of artist get older they more ego driven. And its that self made persona that is the problem with great artwork. This gets in the way of the blaring fact. We are all just one big compost heap of a society grasping for stail air. These artists have known it, and they will always be here on torn down burnt walls of the Apocalypse show.

    Will you have anything left behind for the lost future generations to judge us by? At least Banksy effected lives… well mine anyway. Sorry its off topic.

  64. so banksy made this doccumentry up and made this guy up for what purpose exactly im just a tad confused about this

  65. Let Mbw walk through a mob with camera in hand being canned to death. Bring your empty krylons out the milk crates and aim.
    Although adventurist enough to attempt on embarking a new life, he shouldve stuck to just being a street caddy for the guerrilla artiste….
    That is of course if he isn’t just a large figment of a classified do’ers imagination.
    If so then where do we toss the kudos to for the slap in cult followers faces?

  66. I like the ideas about MBW being a product of banksy and all but what if you’re just looking into it way too deep? In the film Banksy said the art isn’t about the profit or money or any of that. Its not about the fame & fortune at all. Yes toward the end of the film there was a negative feel toward MBW but its as if he himself is brainwashed in the whole world of street art. He wants to be famous & valued & as big as Banksy. he compares himself to him constantly in the movie. Regardless if he’s a ‘good artist’ or not, he wanted the fame.

    Not is he great or terrible? This is art people. is anyone really in a position to say ? living in this modern day world art is whatever you want it to be really. Its all in perspective. sure he’s not bad, but personally not worth so much money.

    Now in my opinion I don’t particularly admire his work. there are a few pieces I find clever but most is nothing special. & I very much hate the idea that he doesn’t even do the work himself. To me, labour is half the battle of putting together your own piece. Just saying.

  67. MBW is a fraud; there is no way he created his own masterpiece. Creating the idea and having others do the work doesn’t make you an artist.
    My question is whether he does exist, being played by Banksy to sell his and other artist’s work (there’s a clear picture that he’s unstable with a compulsive disorder) or if he’s just an actor (this seems like a career ending move). The joke is on us, Banksy got away

  68. I loved this film, I thought it was a sudo documentary at first, surely this guy was just a character, right? I guess not? Not really sure now… I can definitely see the theory of MBW as another Banksy creation, made just for all those who feel the need try to jump on the street-art / neo-warholian band wagon without any understanding of it besides it’s just supposed to be like and cool and stuff now. Distract them so they don’t get in the way as he continues to create “real” art?

  69. when the part about mr. brainwash’s crap art was starting , i was leaving the cinema .. ..
    it’s a shame to give someone attention , who is using the fame of other artists to push hisself ..

    and also because of he is hiring a couple of peoples how are implementing his thoughts , because himself is a noob and unable to do it .. ..

    the documentary parts about thierry’s filming actions, banksy & the other artists are ok , but nothing special (except the banksy part ;P) ..

  70. After watching the documentary I’m dumbfounded. “Art promoter”, maybe (and that’s being very, very generous)……..”artist”…..no. I think the best opinions you could get about Thierry would be from the team of people that he “directs” to create art. If they were willing to answer….. you would get the TRUTH about this guy. Idiot savant > minus the savant. Maybe ego savant.
    I do see the dilemma for Shepard and Banksy though. It’s hard to tell someone else they should play by the rules when there are supposed to be no rules.
    Thierry is the “Von Dutch” transition to “Ed Hardy” transition to…… (insert next bad brand re-invention) of the art world. A flashy, trendy, cheap interpretation of fashion that sells for a ridiculous price until people realize it’s trash. One man’s opinion.

  71. MBW is nothing more than a joke played out on faux art lovers.

    His art says NOTHING.

    He cashed in on his friendships with others artists that unknowingly gave credence to his manufactured garbage.

    This reminds me of the Dali debacle in the 80s that ruined the market for anyone holding REAL Dali lithos.

    Art comes from the heart. That art SAYS something. Thierry’s art says ” I wish I could cash in on this money giveaway”. And the lesser humans owning art galleries will be there to pick up the scraps after the feeding frenzy from the ramora like faux art lovers wrong turn into poisoned waters.

    What a fraud. What a shame.

  72. The MBW theory that is coming up is interesting, if true banksy is in fact a genius, but knowing the mystique of banksy I highly doubt that the answer to the question of “who is MBW” we will never find. Moving on, I did notice during the movie that Banksy tells Guetta nonchalantly to move to LA and work on his craft, so Banksy dissapears for 6 months while MBW explodes onto the scene, anyone find that odd?

  73. well at this days artist are more like celebrities than proper artists. Art is based on some sort of scandals or shocking art, also art always gonna be controversial and like or dislike. I personally can’t think of artist who is loved by everybody.

  74. MBW is a scam created by Banksy to others how stupid people are. Yes, MBW trows a glob of paint on a print and says “$12,000″….but someone is stupid enough to spend that $12,000. Quite a good joke.
    And if you don’t believe Banksy is telling that joke…rewatch the movie. In shots where it is supposedly just Banksy and Guetta…they both appear in some shots. Who is the other camera man? Is everything not as presented on the plate for consumption?

    It is obvious in the film that Banksy had substantial financing….who knows how many of these games he has ran, and who the original game player was, that called for him to be annonymous for his next trick.

  75. My big question for the longest time was, “WHAT IS ART?” Only recently I have changed it to, “WHAT ISN’T ART?” Loved the film. It really answers the questions!

    Another great line from the movie “MAX” about Hitler in his youth as an artist . . . a person asks an art dealer, “Why does that painting cost so much?” and the dealer replies,”If it cost any less, no one would buy it!”

    I live in New Orleans where Banksy had painted some stenciled graffti and was agast when the “Gray Ghost” painted over all of them!

  76. the joke is on the fan, the buyer and the promoter.
    his version of “the factory” is at best, decent graphic work which every teen has these days.
    and what he’s doing to art… is nothing. absolutley no contribution.. just damage.. he clearly never had what it takes to cast shadows in the likes of Banksy so he took what they had.
    he’s just a hack & a bad hack. his spin is literal and teenage. i wouldn’t hang his work in my garage.
    he will be remembered as “that one guy.. with no integrity, no imagination, no shame” if anything.

  77. I was highly annoyed after watching the doc last night. I would have been more pissed if I were Bansky or Shepard.
    I was mainly annoyed that he directly took the Warhol parody and continued with it. Dude.

  78. You can find much better artwork on deviantart and buy prints of it for like $20.

    This guy is the lil wayne/lady gaga of the visual art world.

  79. You are all being duped. MBW is a collective conceptual experiment on a super massive grand scale. The movie, the art show in LA and NY. It’s all a massive artistic statement, showing how easy the masses will purchase anything if told to. Stay tuned for “exit through the gift shop 2 – the punchline”

  80. I think this Banksy art prank thing just sounds like silly conspiratorial nonsense, too silly to bother railing against.
    The interesting stuff, for me at least, is how the veil of meaning or quality of arts ephemera is like the emperors new clothes, particularly in our sad clueless new world, and is clearly pointed out by Exit Through the Gift Shop, People really do not know what the fuck they are looking at.
    Nothing is worth any more than anything else, other than the context and the emotional value that people are sucked into feeling. The response to MBW tells me that people generally know shit about art or, probably, reality. Unfortunately when people buy into art they have an interest in maintaining their investment for prosperity whether its any good or not.
    My feeling and brain tell me, that what MBW is doing is utterly cynical, nihilistic regurgitation, and he really doesn’t either have a clue about reality or give a shit about anything, he’s just making tons of money by ripping other people off, but hey, at least he isn’t as twisted and sociopathic as bankers. Just another greedy twat.
    It is interesting from a anthropological perspective but not from an art perspective, as this has already been done about a zillion times in different styles and different guises. It all tells me more about stupidity, capitalism and the money making process. The sad thing is, while MBW goes on about love and being fluffy to justify himself, there are terribly serious things going on in this world, and people really need to start waking up and educating themselves.
    I’d like to add that good art moves you, it speaks to your heart like a lover, it tells you the truth, it tells you about existence, it tells you there is magic, it changes your life, it changes your mind, it opens your eyes, it makes you cry.
    MBW tells me nothing except how utterly vacuous modern life can be, but I already knew that.

  81. I think Mr.Brainwash speaks more about the art world than any artist in the last 25 years. People would rather be told something is good than bother understanding it themselves. Just as simply as anyone could create all of his images by copying what’s been done, no one managed to start the hype ball rolling.

    I think if the way he is portrayed in Banksy’s film is accurate, than he is a complete moron that is a very hard worker, persistent and full of energy. Or he is a genius that managed to capture the spirit of people wanting to take a piece of the temporary world around it, and he gave it a name.

    Either way, as someone who creates art; I have lost all faith in the modern art scene because of this film, with Banksy to thank for that. To all those ass hats that bought into this shit like the buffalo being herded off a cliff: fuck you.

    Sincerely: Me

  82. This guy is a total fraud. Definitely not a Banksy stunt. Any “artist” who goes to their opening wearing jeans and sunglasses covered in paint is a total fucking poser. I liked this guy in Exit Through the Gift Shop up until he put down his camera. All he is doing is ripping off artists before him. It’s one thing to be influenced by someone else’s work. But at least reinterpret in an original and inspiring way. Making a screenprint of the Mona Lisa and putting an eyepatch over her eye, framing it and selling it for $20,000 doesn’t make you an artist. Anyone can do that.

  83. P.S. To answer your question; terrible artist or worst artist ever? Both. The only art I give him credit for is the art of mass manipulation. This is like Waco, Texas minus the blood. Tell someone something’s cool, market the hell out of it, exploit your world famous artist friends to give yourself credibility, get some high profile press and BAM, you’re an internationally recognized “artist” with thousands of people showing up to your first ever show. That just doesn’t happen. And to see all of these clueless morons following the masses to be culturally slaughtered is just one more example of why we’re completely and utterly fucked as a species.

  84. Marcel Duchamp Urinal
    Carl Andre Bricks
    Andy Warhol Piss Paintings
    MBW spray drips, splashes and reusing images…

    Everyone is either crying ‘Fraud! Should be locked up, ha ha’

    Or ‘Suckers for buying into it’

    What all you idiots don’t understand is art can be ANYTHING you want it to be.

    What is there to lose faith about morons!

  85. I just watched the documentary (mockumentary?.
    This is so fascinating to me. If MBW is real or fake either way it appeals. This is an inspiration to me. I believe that obsession is a real help for producers of artwork.
    Is the art “good” or “bad”… depends on whom you ask? For those who like to eat and all, MBW is selling work before he dies…Kudoos on that.
    I actually really like the Vinyl pieces.
    As Banksy says in the film… MBW seemed to be breaking some sort of rule and so shows up that there were some rules.

  86. Not for nothing but Jeff Koons and Frank Gehry have people who assemble their art and design. Andy Warhol had his Factory. Having people work for you does not invalidate being an artist. Think of it like a composer of music using an orchestra.

  87. HELLOOO! People..cant you see this must have been some kinda Banksy idea? If you notice Thiery Guetta’s pattern of obsession you can see it from the clothes, to filming..he never stopped, was a fanatik, obsesses agressively about whatever he is REALLY passionate about. So dont you think if he was REALLY an artist he would be doing shows non-stop all over, i mean completely balls out? Maybe even learn to do it himself?
    but he hasnt.And he has the money to. All he seems to be is a one time art installation. Another way for Banksy to cause a fuss without showing his face and then documenting the outcome just as Thiery Guetta did for him. Its hillarious. Banksy knew a reg. street art documentary would never attract that kind of attention so he came up with this idea. BRAVO.

    • I couldnt agree more as soon as i finished the movie its the first thing that popped in my head. He was the master mind behind the whole persona. Its a Banksy creation. Mr Brainwash isnt real, hes part of the art of Banksy. A farce. Its brilliant. And the art world, and indie shmucks fell for it too

  88. And that’s Obviously just my opinion.

  89. Just finished watching Banksy’s “Exit through the giftshop” I can’t belive people are buying this guys shit……..

    PS @ Gloria Glorya that’s a cop out statement for shit artist’s people buy there rubbish because they think it’s a fashion.

  90. “It doesn’t matter if he is good or bad,” one said. “He has the right connections, and that’s why I am buying. Plus, I like him.” from timesonline.co.uk
    Pretty much says it all.

    Give me Egon Shiele or Gerhard Richter any day.
    As far as having other people do the work of making the art for you, well I think thats fine if you have the Sistine Chapel ceiling to paint and only one life time to do it in or want to fill a hall with a 100 tons of curved steel, but if you are doing a bit of stenciling or some photoshopped prints you are going to slop a bit of paint on, its more than a little lame. Its really kind of pathetic and soulless. Just because Warhol or Hirst or Emin do it doesn’t make it ok to put the blinkers on, its a production line! Obviously, if you need to bang out product for the masses, then it is a business you have to run. Art – the ultimate value added product – wicked! that makes me happy to be alive.
    I will just get on with the joy applying oil paint to canvas to express something that is pointless said in words, probably sell it for a couple a hundered quid (if i’m lucky) cause I don’t have the right connections. Its all absolute tosh…..meanwhile, civilisation is eating the planet. Mediocrity rules!

  91. Yeah its sad to see this happen to street art! i’m from seattle and glad to say there’s no MBW crap this way! sucks that he is tainting all the hot spots for street art! He needs to just take what money he has and just stop and for anyone that thinks this guy is an artist really has bad taste and really doesn’t understand the street art concept!

  92. He’s a Fraud!

  93. …And what is the street art concept bird brain?

  94. In the movie, Banksy said that he wanted the documentary to show that the commercialism is not what the street art is about, that street art was about sending a message-not making money off of it. I think that Banksy saw an opportunity to create something that would prove his point, so he had this Thierry fellow go out and make a fool of himself.

  95. look at all these comments above, he’s done what he intended to do. well done mr brainwash.

  96. I just watched this ‘docu’ film and I got to say it was everything and more! What I got from it was a person Thierry who felt to document everything and live life to the fullest (such as doing daring things ie getting caught with the street artists) as his mom was here, then gone next second. I do gen believe he fell in love with it.

    Hes is not orginal about his the work HIM AND HIS TEAM does, its a blantant copy or an update of the past. I understand this kind of art is not about money but its made him alot of money from what I can tell and why not when you have a family to feed!

    People like that OBEY guy, Invader and Banksy prob hate his GUTS as they feel he has not crafted his art over the years BUT he has in some way…. he went around the world with these guys, got arrested and followed their every move. Just because he may not have not put ‘can/print to the wall’ doesnt mean hes not passionate about his work!

  97. Has it ever occurred to you that MBW is a ploy set up by banksy in order to prove that street art is now a joke. People like you who have no experience in the art but feel like you have the ability to judge. Sure you may not like his art or method but how does hating set you apart from every other person out there calling something like Monsieur Andre “vandalism”.

  98. This is an elaborate hoax, meant to ridicule the ridiculous and talentless nature of modern art. (thanks a lot Prince) C’mon people, there was a virtual admission of guilt when the doc had MBW talking about how he rarely paints himself, but has a team to perpetuate his ideas. That and the pricing bit were so obvious it just makes me smile that the art world bought this crap. best art hoax since Andy Warhol(WHICH WAS ANOTHER HINT, BTW WHEN BWM MIMOCKED HIM)

  99. This is an elaborate hoax, meant to ridicule the ridiculous and talentless nature of modern art. (thanks a lot Prince) C’mon people, there was a virtual admission of guilt when the doc had MBW talking about how he rarely paints himself, but has a team $$$to perpetuate his ideas. That and the pricing bit were so obvious it just makes me smile that the art world bought this crap. best art hoax since Andy Warhol(WHICH WAS ANOTHER HINT, BTW WHEN BWM MIMOCKED HIM)

  100. Mr. Brain Wash has succeeded in holding true to his pseudonym and seems to have managed to convince a wide variety of people that his artwork holds substance; which it does not. Thierry is a man who holds a very limited understanding of the art world, one of an excited teenager who’s just discovering rebellion for the first time and draws the Anarchy A on his brand name baseball cap. I think he’s funny and has the best intentions, but I also think he’s fucking the art world royally with his empty reproductions of something that used to resemble truth.

  101. Terrible guy, he’s just one of those goddamn commercial artists that don’t even make their own bloody art.

    His ideas suck as well, to make it even worse.

  102. jokes on all of you. the hype machine works its magic, while brainwash gets rich and his buyers enjoy his art. the gripers continue to gripe, but to no avail.

  103. Bansky helped to create MBW. But it was opportunistic and not planned to the degree people speculate. Watch Exit Through the Gift Shop again, Thierry Guetta (MBW) has footage going on for a decade, you can clearly see he and Shepard have aged significantly between the street footage and the later interviews – he is a real person, probably with some mental health issues, and was manipulated by Banksy.

  104. His best piece would be leaking the contract Bansky made this dude, whatever his name is, sign so he wouldn’t turn around and bite his ass actually trying to do his own stuff!

  105. mbw is the worst yet. he is only going to create other commercial artist and ruin the whole idea of art. real artist apply passion and devotion to their work, he was all about the hype. this dude frustrates the shit out of me.

  106. If the movie was a hoax, my hat goes off to Banksy. It was brilliant. If it wasn’t, what’s the big deal? So MBW recycled something that has already been done. But what artist hasn’t? Thats the reason there are schools or periods art: Cubism, Realism, Pop, Renaissance… They all draw from their contemporaries. Banksy didn’t invent stenciling or even come up will all original images. He was just the first to commercialize it, and therefore (maybe unfortunately) legitimizing street art. MBW just did it on a much larger scale. And to those who criticize him for not actually creating every bit himself, I say, who cares. Turn on the radio. You think Britney Spears had anything to do with the creation of that song? She sat in a studio with a bunch of the best producers in the world and let them create something out of a very basic idea she had. MBW just surrounds himself with great producers. He comes up with an idea and has other people help him bring it to life. You think James Cameron animated every last scene of Avatar? No. He hired good artists to make his dream a reality. Yet we never question James Cameron or Ms. Spears for handing over the creation of their ideas to other people. MBW just took a model thats worked well in Hollywood and the music business and applied it to his medium. Kinda brilliant really. 

    The movie was great either way. I enjoyed it. And I really do hope it’s not a hoax. I rather liked the unlikely hero. 

  107. The only one brainwashed is him (and of course his so called “fans”), to think he is actually an artist!

    Not only is his work a rip off of Warhol’s, he didn’t make ANY OF IT! The guy just hired a few artists and have them do everything… Honestly, wtf?

    I was really disappointed when I saw Exit Through the Gift Shop, I was hoping to see more of Banksy… And less of this idiot.

  108. Okay, I am not a fan of Mr Brainwash, whoever he may be, whether he is the real deal or a made up character that Banksy has master minded, I’m not sure, but if he is the real deal, he is doing exactly what Warhol did, mass produced pop culture turned out to make people question what art is and mirror to us the culture of our time… Warhol had fans and haters too… Warhol also had people that made his art for him, he just gave them his idea and they made it… So Mr Brainwash isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done before… he just didn’t go through the same motions most artists have to go through to find their style or create their brand… I think maybe that is the most annoying thing about him! Other than that, it’s the same shit every other pop artist has done before, he just managed to make everyone know about it, that’s all.

  109. i really can’t believe what i have to read in these comments. sure, people like britney spears or david cameron etc. don’t create their art (for that matter) from first idea to released outcome. and sure, everybody has his/her own opinion of what art is. we could discuss for ages, if mbw’s stuff is art. i think it is. it is art in the same way as posters you can buy at a shop or art prints sold at ikea. but that is not the point. what annoys me is, that mbw’s stuff is hyped to the max and considered to be top notch art. which is ridiculous in my opinion. the only reason why he has gained fame is solely because he was introduced by banksy and shephard fairey. but “his” artworks are derivative, boring and esthetically not really convincing.
    looking around in the streetart and urban art scene, it really makes me sick and sad, that this guy gets attention, while other artists, who don’t get that high profile in media, produce art that would really deserve this attention.

  110. I wonder that all the people around the world are seeking to know Banksy real ID,
    But I was most than lucky that I knew his real ID since many years and I feel happy for that. but don’t worry one day every body will know his ID( PROMISE).

  111. I’m not sure what to believe with this film. It definitely makes a statement about the modern art world, aka, pretty much anything that involves personal expression. And in a way if you were to believe that Mr. Brainwash is trying to express himself, it’s that the human race is like a bunch of brainlesss sheep wanting to follow something, anything. So typical of the pop world. Anyone could do pop art, it takes almost no talent, and the same goes for the music, you just have to be somewhat good looking. If that is the statement that Mr. Brainwash., or Banksy is trying to make, I’m impressed.

  112. goes to show just how ignorant and pretentious the art scene can be… a lot of people idolize those on television with no talent.. just look at the pop music industry… he will divide those with real talent with those with no clue.. ie controversial… personally i hope people wil lone day wake up & seehim for the fraud he is.. but with people forking out 20k+$ for his ‘copies’ he wont stop…

  113. This is sound crazy…………but also not a joke I’m offering Banksy real ID for sale …make your offers.

  114. The film is titled “Exit through the Gift Shop!!” Brilliantly blatant yet the debate continues? The “works” in question are for all intent and purpose – really expensive movie props. Nothing short of genius. Further work is tantamount to licensed merchandising and is ultimately as relevant to the art world as say maybe some Star Wars bed sheets.

    That said, if we’re here to weigh in on the validity of art – let’s consider a self produced indie film that simultaneously captures and secures participants/financiers and viewers while being made. That by selling off its set decorations – turns a profit long before it’s first screening. That continues to generate multiple streams of revenue through distribution and merchandising. That not only introduces street art to the masses but again begs the question, (to everyone from graffiti artist to NYC art dealer), what is art? ……all while leaving us scratching our heads for not only the answer, but also to who is really asking the question. MBW?/BANKSY?/MBW?/BANKSY?/

    It’s nothing short of a masterpiece.

    Can’t wait for the sequel.
    WORD! busta

  115. What a stupid fucking question!

    Art is subjective – no one “copies” anyone else…and if they do, then EVERYONE does it.

    You can not like his artwork, but that’s the only thing that holds water.

    It seems like a LOT of lazy shit artists are just VERY, VERY jealous.

    It’s easy to throw out accusations when you suck yourself. Everyone is a sellout if they are better than you; got to make yourself feel better somehow…since not a damn person knows you! LOL

    I just find it hilarious. It’s art. Like it or fuck off.

  116. Just two facts:

    1) Mr Brainwash is the first street artist I’ve ever seen who’s more looking for popularity than he’s looking for an art identity or doing any art process to elevate the world. As he said: “I wanna love”, and he just want to be loved, I don’t even think he cares about art really!
    2) Everyday “artisitic products” are fabricated by the spheres it belongs to. Like it or don’t, it won’t change anything. Most of TV shows, books, music, are just marketed like biscuits or BBQ sauces! Mr Brainwash is the first mainstream street artist, and he’s obviously more like Britney Spears than any underground street artist!

    It would be intersting to know what Space Invaders, a legitimated street artist (who is his cousin), thinks about it!

    PS: about jealousy, there’s only one thing André, César, 2D Crew, Obey, JR, Miss Tic, Nemo, or Jef Aerosol can envy Mr Brainwash: money!!!

    With humility,
    a street art fan from Paris

  117. I feel sorry for the people who make the art, he doesn’t do it himself he Hires artists then puts his name on their stuuf all the while looking over their shoulder telling to do stuff like the other street artists.
    I do not believe he’s a creation by Banksy but a legitamet Con, He’s inadvertanly done what every street artists argues against, become a pillar of consumerism and the Insanity of what socity is, he’s the Justin Beieber of the artworld. He’s done nothing to earn his fame and has only become famous through publicity, he isn’t an Artist.
    And the VERY worst part is the people who love hime so much or the ‘high rollers’ of the ‘art world’ most like know its a load of crap too but wont aknowledge it because then They would look like utter fools and have $20,000 dollar images worth Nothing! Money is all that keeps MBW alive.

  118. Oh and I do agree with Banksy in a sense.
    Art isn’t just the production of visuals but instead a process, I may draw a single idea 10 different times and 10 different ways to find the image that best expresses what I may be trying to convey. and in all those sketchs there would be a little detail or style on a particular point that, once made and realised, gives me a moment of excitment and Pure happyness! and to compile all the trials and errors into a singular image, something that did not exist before, something that only I could have made in that way is the Most AMAZING experience.
    It’s that experience that makes all artist do what they do and encourage everyone else to try.
    MBW didn’t do that, didn’t even try so his ‘artwork’ is not art because it does not have that feeling so it could have been made by anyone else who thought of it. It doesn’t have a soul. This which truly makes his images ‘Products’ not artworks.
    Cc. Spotto

  119. Pfft the paint on his pants and hands is ridiculace!
    If you work with spray paint doing stencils you dont get clear splatters like that, ya get fuzzy spray, it aint that fashionable or neat, and a pain on the arse to get off hahahaha

  120. Mr Brainwash is another good invention by Banksy.
    he is a name, a signature, a character, a brand for selling all the kinds of bad ideas (and many times funny) that comes from a good creation process.
    Also he shows in this movie how the market creates myths and easily sells any shit.
    Mr Braiwashed can be a real person and perhaps he is a terrible artist for real, but the key is how Banksy uses it and for what: in the end he becomes an artificial character acting like a hallucinated contemporary Don Quijote de la Mancha, facing the market, and pointing its’contradictions, the stupidity of the art circuit. But the great goal is that, contrary to the spanish character from literature that ends crazy and almost starving Mr Brainwash acctually make money so… the joke, was not on him.
    I think all those guys behind the name Banksy deserve every cent they got these years. They have humour, and they are making one of the fewest thinks nowadays that make sense and clearly shows what is going on in the art world.

  121. I think he’s a try hard. One of those guys that just did things without regard…there’s a code of ethics especially when it comes to art, and the entire idea is to be unique..this idiot completely missed that, or just doesn’t understand, and just grouped a bunch of different styles together and made money off of it. he has no artistic capability except for splashing paint and doing shit w/ straws, things that a 2 yr old is better at. anyway, bansky’s cool…mbw, not so much. to compare the two is like comparing jimi hendrix with a radio station host.

  122. I have to concur with the majority of the posts here- – he’s a tool.

  123. Normally, I say u can’t decide what or why another person’s art should be. But this guy strikes me as an attention SLUT of a WHORE!! Supposedly claiming to do this for love. HE rubs me the wrong way and I know some more-authentic street artists that would kick his ass and smoke a blunt after with the $ they jacked him for. I think he’s brainwashed himself of himself of himself…….

  124. My friends and I thought we would do our own little performance art piece at Mr. Brainwash’s Icon Remix Exhibit. All was good and until Mr. Brainwash himself kicked us out. Warning: Hot pink spandex and a fake penis ahead…Oh lala!


  125. I just watched the “Exit through the gift shop” movie. It was really amazing. The question I have and had through out the movie, is where did Thierry Guetta get the money to buy all the tape he used over the years and still have any left over to feed his family? It did not show (maybe I missed it??) any visible means of income for Thierry, and he showed all the boxes and boxes of tape he had no idea what to do with, so he was not making any money selling this stuff. The graffiti artists he seemed to luck into meeting at least had shows now and again to make some money. All the time he spent with the artist, where was his family and how were they surviving? The whole art show extravaganza was impossible to take in. Where did he get the money to pull off a multi million dollar event like that? He said he sold all his things, but from what they showed in the beginning of the movie, he had nothing of worth. Also, did any of the art pieces have disclaimers as to who actually painted them? He hired a multitude of artists do do the work he dictated to them,which he copied from the graffitti artists he filmed. I wonder if copyright infringment came into any of this? It’s ok to copy a piece of art (get permission) if you change it enough, but his were just bad imitations. His message to the public seems to be “there’s a sucker born every minute” And apparently they have enough dispoable income to buy his stuff.

    • He made a LOT of money from his vintage clothing store, where talking like a 300% return of profits from a single shirt, so that would have funded alot. Also if he was buying the tapes in bolk at dealers price that would have been cheaper as well for him.

  126. he’s not a terrible artist because you actually first have to be a artist, to be a terrible one. “Mr. Brainwash” is not a artist, the art he “created” was not his, it was done by artist for him. Now if you want my real opinion, he is a total farce and fake. He is not real. I mean I dont think he is really even who he says. I think his character is made up, and its a big scam run and thought up by Banksy. The whole movie, everything, the guy Mr Brainwash is a fake. He is a character created by banksy, to fuck with the art establishment and even his own drone followers, to show how easy it is to manipulate people

  127. There is no Mr Brainwash. He is a puppet directed by Banksy in order to make fools of those who like Mr Brainwash. The movie was a piece of art, but a total lie. It is performance art or anti art. Quite brilliant when you realise that that is what it really is. Mr brainwash stuff is meant to be awful. If you know it’s garbage you are not the butt of the joke, if you go to the shows and say “yeah that was amazing art” you are the butt of the joke. People don’t know what art is, or how to think on their own. Most people just like who they are told to like by people cooler than them, like Banksy.

  128. if your definition of being an artist implies making original art and making it by yourself (that is without the help of any assistant), I would advise you read some art history books.

  129. It’s really not worth blaming ‘the system’ or ‘capitalism’ here. In an alternative system where power is concentrated in the hand of a few political individuals, you have people deciding what is art and isn’t art, and being able to censor particular ideas. Equally in a more anarchic society, the way art is valued would probably be no different from today, if it’s a kind of free market anarchism. OR if you want to be democratic- having a large about of people deciding on what is good art and what is bad art more or less happens anyway in a non-political context now. There are large mainstream popular movements and other who tend to cling on to old ideas of aesthetism or strive for the avant-garde. Art is based on subjective value judgements of individuals which can be influenced by others. If one person buys a piece for a lot of money and other people assume that makes it popular or worth something, that’s the Zeitgeist…..

    If Mr Brainwash is a real ‘artist’ of himself and not the front-man for some scheme by Banksy, I would say he his lacking in the maturity you need to develop your ideas, so he clings to other artist, like everyone else did when studying art at one point. Therefore I think his work is crap but…all credit to him if people like it.

    If it’s a Banksy scheme, the joke’s on us, and he knows what he is doing with the whole scheme.

  130. shit

  131. its all about the last thing MBW says, people always says im a rabbit and i say latter in life you will se im just not a turtle .

  132. Nice one Banksi and his mates a great funny bit of fiction.
    Reminds me in a way of what they kind of tried to do in the film “Its all gone Pete Tong” they claim it was a true story and i know a lot of the world still thinks that the character exists.
    Banksi film is a lot better movie in all areas especially the story line and the acting!

  133. I have to say, someone with horrible camera skills like this should not be judging anyone on their skills as an artist. You must be lashing out on this guy because of your failures in life.


  135. I have bought some MBW prints simply because I love the look of them. I don’t think it really matters who he is copying or if the whole thing is an elaborate hoax. So long as a piece of art makes you smile, what else is important?!

  136. I totally agree with this article. Studying art at high school now I am finishing my exams and one question so happens to be about an issue in art. My issue is precisely this. “Mr Brainwash” and his so called artwork. Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift shop states a clear indication of the stupidty that some people are actually fools to pay for his mass produce prints. I mean come on to pass a final piece of work so I can get into university takes me 3 months including working folio work. I work by myself and on my own, I know how the materials I use work and also the basics of photoshop. Compared to Mr Brainwash I don’t need to emply graphic designers, printers and sculptors to put my work together. As far as I am concerned his work has no emotional value along with physical value, the curators of the work are not appreciated by Guetta they are only exploited themselves. He is nothing more than an appropriator and fraud. What makes him think he can get millions with his mindless and boring art. Grafitti is dead if Thierry guetta claims he is a grafitti artist.

  137. I think Mr. Brainwash was just invented by Banksi to make millions of dollars without losing his artistic credibility, even better: he is making money thourgh Mr. BW and making a statement at the same time. The giftshop documentary gives away enough hints that this is all a hoax. The life story of Guetta is just too well crafted. For instance: the paralel between his work in his art galary, were he would label stuff that was “sticked wrong” as designer quality and sell it for 10 times it’s worth, and his spraying on famous pictures and sell it for 40.000 dollars. Also the name Mr. Brainwash sounds lame, but is actually really clever if you think of it, because that’s is exactly what is happening with the people who buy his crap. If Guetta is really an idiot like he presents himself in interviews he could never come up with such a name.

    Only thing that keeps bothering me: if Guetta is in fact in on this scheme, he must be one of the most convincing actors I’ve ever seen playing an idiot.

    • hahaha! yes, he is terribly convincing as an idiot! it all reeks of elaborate hoax, yet retains the level of absurdity that is somehow plausible in contemporary culture (especially in la la land). awesome…

  138. wow- i just watched “exit through the gift shop” and was immediately flummoxed. had i just witnessed a hoax? what i now find even more fascinating, is the volatility the movie seems to have elicited in the form of arguments over the merits or demerits of mbw’s artistic credibility, and perhaps more importantly, the veracity of the film as a documentary work.

    i think that the point of the film is served no matter what the outcome of such arguments might be.

    these guys truly are genius pranksters, and regardless of the truth of mbw’s history and depiction, and especially if it is all true, i would love nothing more than to sit over ales with these great, creative, and humorously cynical madpeople.

  139. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in fact was once a enjoyment account it. Look complex to more delivered agreeable from you! However, how can we be in contact?

  140. First of all he is not an artist, people work hard with true talent to be artists not scams! MBW is just that, a scam.

  141. I feel Banksy put great thought into his pieces. Granted some may say he is a sell out. But, at the end of the day we all need money to eat. I really enjoy photos of Banksy’s works.

    MBW in the film appears at times a lovable odd French Uncle. Then the last half hour it turned very dark where it seems MBW has chosen to be an artist just to cash in on the street art movement. While having mass produced pieces made and seemingly tossed about like a ford plant. Borrowing media and splashing some paint and a bit of photoshop. I imagine a ten year old could do it.

    I ask is MBW a joke on society via Banksy? or famous by accident or association. I do not know.

    I DO know… none of what he makes really thrills me. I wouldn’t buy a piece if I had Bill Gates money.

  142. im not a fan of MBW but he is a conceptual artist, people who complain about his methods are not educated on art, check out damian hirst, one of the most respected living artists of our time and he wasnt involved in the construction of his most famous pieces. i wouldnt go so far to call banksy a sell out either, i dont think he is a graffiti artist, he is a street artist, he is also not original, most of his style was copied from a french street artist “blek le rat”. the point of post modernism is to take somthing and make it your own, put your own twist on it. people also miss the point that MBW was a video artist, i think even banksy missed that point in the film, brushing his original edit off as rubbish, i think it was a great peice of experimental film.

  143. I think that the entire argument is all together obserd. If this MBW does exists the movie “exit through the gift shopp” is just a guy (banksy) getting his panties in a bunch because someone made a lot of money and didnt pay his so called dues as a “street artist”. Really, men are idiots! Art will never be as symbolic as it once was! NEVER..If you dont think so, check the pockets of all involved!

  144. Banksy is to MBW as Nirvana is to Take That.

    I doubt Banksy would put in all this effort to fool people and is actually MBW.. but if he did.. I’d be sad.

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