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VNA 15 – Street Art Mag 4 Free

Shepard Fairey, Logan Hicks, Burning Candy, Nychos, Elph and other interesting urban artists are featured in the latest issue of the Very Nearly Almost magazine, which also includes one of my Urban Artists in Action shots and photo-specials not just about London and LA, but also about Berlin!

Because of so much awesome, the VNA crew had to squeeze in extra 32 pages to make it all fit, which is why this issue is the biggest in VNA history! Fortunately I recently received two issues of the number 15, for what reason I am able to give away one VNA mag for free…

All you have to do is to write a comment, explaining why you of all people need to have this successful urban art magazine issue! The winner will be chosen by me, Monday 8pm (GMT).

The winner is chosen and informed. Thanks for participating!

VNA 15   Street Art Mag 4 Free

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  1. Because the editor has the most awesome name ever :P

    Nein, ich bin einfach großes Urbankunst Fan, ich will mein Bewusstsein von Urbankunstlern erweitern und ich fühle mich in einer Stadt eingesperrt, wo man kaum Urbankunstwerken an den Wänden finden kann!! Ich wohne in Leeds in der Graftschaft Yorkshire, Nord England. Ich gibt hier viele Möglichkeiten! Vielleicht können sie zu Urbankunstlern meiner Stadt empfehlen! Es ist total ein unbeschriebenes Blatt! Ich sollte vielleicht ein Video oder ein Artikel machen, um es zu fördern!

    Ich vergass dir viel Erfolf mit deiner Austellung zu wünschen!

  2. Because. :)

  3. Why I deserve a copy of VNA…hmmm well it can’t be because I’m a long time reader of the mag (never even heard of it before), it can’t be because I’ve been long time urban artcore viewer (been here less than a year), it can’ t be because I’ve been a street artist for years (have a square job can’t take the risk).

    OH I know why I deserve it, because I’ve been a long time support/fan/groupie of street art/graffiti and most importantly IT’S MY B-DAY NEXT WEEK and this would be the perfect gift.

  4. would love this…count me in!!!

  5. Hello,
    because I have a lot of books about streetart and I read your blog really regularly BUT I don´t own any streetart magazine and this issue would be my start in collecting streetart magazines too!
    Greetings from Bavaria, Daniel

  6. Because I am doing far too few streetart and really could need a kick in the ass to get up, cut some stencils and get out to bust the city. And what is more asskicking than a great magazine about great streetart? Yeah, you’re right: Not much.

    That’s why I’d loved to get a copy of VNA.

  7. Because this magazin would give me some inspiration for new pics.

  8. Because I very nearly almost bought a copy but thought winning it would be so much better

  9. Seit einer Woche habe ich eine 34 Jahre alte Canon von meinem Opa, bereits 5 Filme verschossen und mir schon wieder weitere 2 gekauft, weil die Sucht nach der Fotografie so groß ist.
    Das kostet aber verdammt viel Kohle, kein Wunder, dass heutzutage keiner mehr auf Film unterwegs ist…
    Und nun habe ich zu wenig Geld für die neue vna. Aber geil, brenna gibt eine umsonst raus!!
    Wäre super, wenn ich sie gewinnen würde, denn üblich gewinne ich nie etwas. Sogar meine kleine Schwester zieht mich in “Mensch-ärger-dich-nicht” gnadenlos ab :D
    Grüße aus Augsburg!

  10. it’s good to have vna mag because i may have more material, inspiration for my bachelor work. i’m writing about the aesthetics, the art value of street art in estonia. estonia is like a province what comes to street art and i can’t get my hands on that kind of magazines.


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