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Visual Intervention, Mural Art Project in Rochester

In July 2011, a first-of-its-kind public art mural project called Visual Intervention took place in Rochester, NY bringing together local artists and a group of four artists from Cape Town, SA, including Faith47, DAL, Mak1 and FreddySam who shared their talents and painted several nice murals in hopes of inspiring the Rochester community…

Finally, the corresponding documentary was published last week which I don’t want to deforce from you. It gives a nice insight into the entire project, and includes not just statements by the artists and organizers, but also explains the event’s reasons and how everything worked out in the end.

In my eyes every urban art event in public space is a small step into a better world. Well done!

Via e-mail, thx!

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  1. I read the article in the Friday D&C about murals. I was totally impressed by the people and the art. I travelled to Spain 2 years ago and took so many photos of the murals and it’s hard to talk to people here in the States about the difference in the graffiti artists there.

    I wonder if scheduling a mural painting weekend the same time as the Rochester Jazz Fest could give you an extra bounce of fundraising, promotion and participation.

    Is your organization tied to any city school program? Antony Vargas (?) is the head of the school and some of the work he is doing (revamping the tutoring system, getting parent participation ) seems to jive with your goals like the new program is to get extracurriculars for the kids.

    Do you have a volunteer program?
    Do you have a non-profit status to take donations, and can you tell me who to make a check out to?? (a shame that couldn’t have been in the article)

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