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Urban Mag – Krink, A Hidden Champion

Last week, I got the new issue of the “Hidden Champion”. It’s a free Japanese urban magazine, featuring hidden champions of many cultures.

This time, well-known graffiti artist Craig “KR” Costello respectively one of his fire extinguishers is on the front page! In addition to great pictures of his artworks, there’s an interview with him. By the way, do you Remember that KR is in Hamburg next week!

This issue also contains portfolios of the skateboarders Quim Cardona, Yoshiaki Toeda, Joey Pepper, Henry Panza, Ricky Oyola and Rob Welsh, an interview with BMX-pro Masato Nishino, and articles about some other interesting people.

If you are interested in the “Hidden Champion” urban magazine and you are able to read and understand Japanese, write a comment and I will decide whether you will get one of the three issues, which lie in front of me…

For more info about “Hidden Champion”, visit hidden-champion.net.
Here are some insights:

Urban Mag   Krink, A Hidden Champion
Urban Mag   Krink, A Hidden Champion
Urban Mag   Krink, A Hidden Champion
Urban Mag   Krink, A Hidden Champion
Urban Mag   Krink, A Hidden Champion
Hidden Champion #14 – Urban Magazine
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  1. what to say? Simply that I find the magazine amazing and would love to have one copy of it in my collection!
    Brilliant photos of it as well

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