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Urban Game: Journey to the End of the Year

Have you ever heard of “Journey to the End of the Night”? It’s an interesting, simple, free street game of epic proportion run by hard-working volunteers in cities around the world from London to Los Angeles.

Urban Game: Journey to the End of the Year
Urban Game: Journey to the End of the Year

This year, there will be a New Year’s Eve special edition of that urban game, called “Journey to the End of the Year” in Berlin:

“It’s an open source street game developed by Antiboredome. Outwardly resembling a simple game of tag, Journey games are actually complex psychogeographical experiments, designed to elicit emotions such as fear, lust, pain, speed, alienation, loneliness, hate, and desire in those who play it.

The game is free for anyone to play and ends at 23:00 so that players can go on to join in the festivities. Players will meet at Alexanderplatz at 19:00 on 31.12.2009. Players start off as runners. They are given a wrist band to help identify who is in the game and a map of clues to help them navigate through the city to various checkpoints: “microclimates” with an air of weirdness and mystery where they will have to perform a certain task before they get a seal on their map.

Scattered through the checkpoints are chasers. Once a runner is tagged by a chaser he becomes a chaser.

This is an amazing street game and I encourage you to join in the fun or at least spread the word to Berliners. The last “Journey to the end of the night” was put on Halloween night in San Francisco California. We had 600 wristbands and had to turn people away…” (via nerdcore.de)

So if you haven’t planed anything for the New Year’s Eve yet, report to and play with in this crazy urban game! For more info, visit totheendofthenight.com.

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