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Urban Culture Talk: Graffiti equals Gentrification?!

Urban Culture Talk: Graffiti equals Gentrification?!

Is urban art influencing urban development and planning? How does creative street culture cause social restructuring? And does graffiti equal gentrification? With its new monthly Culture Talk series, the network for cultural development Platoon is going to discuss those and similar questions! Furthermore, the NGO for culture, art and communication is going to open the doors of its new headquarter in Berlin for the first time…

Urban Art vs. Gentrification?

The discussion about street art and graffiti triggering first beginnings of a gentrification process is not new, at least in Berlin. Nonetheless, almost everyone in town, being threatened by gentrificational impacts has a different opinion and blames someone else. Platoon is now going to bring together artists, scientists and scene players, who all are probably part of the extensive social, economical and cultural shiftings taking place here and elsewhere…

Politicians, real estate investors and bankers are held responsible for the gentrification of our city. But is it really that simple? What if we are already so far, that the rebellion against it like graffiti and street art are contributing to it as well? The question is what is the role of the artists and subcultures in it? With Platoon Culture Talk we are going to approach the theme of gentrification differently. (Platoon)

Graffiti = Gentrification?!

In my eyes, Berlin with its large amount of creatives, artists, tourists and alternatives needs such events. It’s important to discuss the problems, effects and irritations which arise through gentrification, to make people think about and excogitate their own contributions to that process! Urban Art Core for example is a major player when it comes to celebrate street art, graffiti and other urban art forms. For that reason, you could argue that this blog is part of the international urban art hype machine, which causally leads to an indirect involvement in gentrification.

Because of that, the difficulty of this social problem, and the fact, that gentrification affects all of us, I’m really looking forward to Platoon’s urban culture talk in the new container headquarter. See you there – Admission free!

What? Platoon Culture Talk: Graffiti = Gentrification!?
When? Tuesday, 26th June, 8pm
Where? Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin, Schönhauser Allee 9

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