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Urban Art Core: How to be better?

Since I launched Urban Artcore with that great Urban Photo Contest in August 2009, a lot happened. I wrote 358 articles about graffiti, street art, urban life, abandoned places, exhibition, art shows and festivals, drew up 474 tags and made interviews with a large number of famous artists.

Although the number of visitors and also the number of feed readers are continuously increasing, I’m a bit impatient of the number of comments…

In my opinion, comments make a blog more vibrant and allow more controversial discussions or changes of views. For that reason I thought, that it is time to originate an Urban Artcore question time! Now I would like to know what I can do better!?

Are there any special topics, artists, art movements or other things (e.g. technical improvements, like a “Post to Facebook” button), which can be taken up or improved? What do you lack on Urban Artcore and what do you like most?

I would appreciate some honest answers.
Best, Brenna.

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  1. Man this site is amazing .. its inspired my art ever since I discovered it a few months ago .. and as long as the site exists ill look to it for more creative artistic ideas and designs

  2. First of all about the comments: I have my own blog too and I am on Tiwtter and what I have been noticing about ‘my’ comments might be true for your comments as well: They are moving/have moved across the web and certainly to Twitter. And that’s why I decided to use a plugin that directs Twitter-discussions and Retweets about my blogposts ‘back’ to my blog. Maybe you could give this a try too?
    Furthermore I am totally happy with your blog the way it is, so keep up the good work!

  3. As I already have answered you ar doing a really good job but i will probably keep commenting on Twitter and i hope that my comments will make sense as well.. ;)

    Keep it up.. bg thumbs up.

  4. thanks for your nice answers!
    yeah, you are right, twitter is a real authority today…i will try to collect twitter comments on this blog. any other opinions? how could I make Urban Artcore more vibrant?

  5. I love the design of your blog and much more the articles you write. I like the mix of your topics and that you have some fresh and really good ideas. The pictures are always great and all in all you have inspired me a lot – especially for my journeys to Berlin. (So much, that I dare to write this comment in English..)
    So just keep on!

    Cheerz from Vienna

  6. This site is so dope. I visit it almost daily to see every update. You do an incredible job of covering street art events, artists, and documenting works. What I truly love is that you cover more well-known artists, but have a huge perspective and have introduced me to countless artists I would have never seen.

    I can’t think of a way to really improve this blog. I agree that more comments would add to the site, but that effort needs to come from us, the readers. Having the article archive is probably the most important feature I wanted, and the blog has that now. Keep up the amazing work, people truly appreciate it.

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