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Boy Soldiers: Urban Art War in London?

Some of you will may know fine artist Schoony, who is a pro in creating humans out of fibreglass. His latest creation, the “Boy Soldier” is now the main part of an unusual urban art group-exhibition in London!

Thirty, well-known graffiti and street artists, including D*Face, Insa, Fin DAC, Part2ism, Liliwenn, Snub23 and Leeks, repainted the thirty pure white boy soldier sculptures, which will be shown in two different venues, in their own styles.

Schoony, in partnership with Graffik London gallery, is proud to present an exclusive exhibition of his Boy Soldier, the wall-panel version of his debut fibreglass statue presented at last year’s Mutate Britain’s One Foot in the Grove. A young boy holds a grenade in one hand and the grenade’s pin in the other and reveals a breathtaking detail close to microscopic perfection. (artrabbit.com)

Urban Art Preventing Homelessness

The show seems to become a controversial street art event in this time of political war. I guess the plastic boy soldier sculptures in their urban styles will maybe appeal to the emotions of the audience…By the way, the show will raise money for SHP a charity for London’s homeless people!

So if you’re interested in this very extraordinary urban art war exhibition, make sure to save the dates and the two venues:

Location 1:
Blackall Studios, 73 Leonard Street London
from 2nd to 4th September 2010, 6pm

Location 2:
Graffik London Gallery, 284 Portobello Rd, London
from 6th to 12th September 2010, 6pm

For more info and the complete line-up, visit tristanschoonraad.com.

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