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Urban Tag-Clouds, Graffiti Analysis & Czarnobyl’s Studio

Before the Urban Artcore open-air meet-up will start today in Berlin-Kreuzberg, I collected some rather nice street art news and graffiti info from around the world which will find your interest!

Of course, there are a lot of new urban artworks around the world. This is only a small collection of new graffiti-pieces, stencil artworks, and some other great new urban artworks…

  • Urban Tag-Cloud – Anton Steenbock created some really interesting urban tag clouds by reconstructing old tags on walls…
  • New Banksy at Glastonbury – Maybe famous street artist Banksy did another stencil artwork?
  • Mr. Jeff Soto in NYC – Well-known artist Jeff Soto recently created an amazing piece in New York City…
  • Arsek & Erase Speed Painting – Watch the creation process of a nice piece by Arsek and Erase…
  • Snik & Finbarr in Paris – Snik and Finbarr create a kickass stencil artwork in the streets of Paris!
  • “Happy Doubt Day” Video – Herakut created a nice video for their show at Galerie Springmann.Varol…
  • Graffiti Analysis: Sculptures – Even Roth evolved hsi tech-graffiti based work with the latest project!
  • Czarnobyl Studio Visit – Urban art photographer Just visited stencil artist Czarnobyl in his studio and took some nice shots…
  • The Freedom Charter – Faith47 recently completed a body of works inspired by the freedom charter.
  • JR in China – Famous urban artist JR visited China and created some new paste-ups…
  • ProjectRoom London – There’s a nice video out there in the web, which shows some impressions from the ProjectRoom event in London!
  • Swoon in Brooklyn – Street artist Swoon hit the streets of Brooklyn and pasted up some new artworks…
  • C215 in Moscow – Worldwide known stencil artist C215 created a new huge artwork in Moscow!
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