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Urbanartcore is dead. Long live Openeverything!

Urbanartcore is finally dead! Here is way I stopped writing urban art news and started a new blog-project about OpenData and OpenGovernment in Germany.


Graffiti Architecture in Melbourne

ITN Architects created an awesome graffiti architecture building in Melbourne, with a facade incorporating a giant three-dimensional tag!

Himmelbeet - urban farming

Urban Farming: Roof-Top Garden in Berlin

Berlin is going to get its next urban farming project! The Himmelbeet project transforms an car park into a community garden space...

cloud castle intervention

Urban Intervention: Project Cloud Castle

Anna Borgman and Candy Lenk just realized their Berlin Cloud Castle project, an urban intervention examinating incompletion of public space.

Berlin Subway Sculpture

Berlin Subway Sculpture

Clemens Behr and Raby Florence Fofana created a fantastic abstract subway sculpture, objectifying Berlin’s most famous subway line U1! Watch the video now...

garage art berlin

Open Call: Garage Art in Berlin

Garage Art in Berlin - A Berliner art collective is calling for papers to join the garage art competition 2012. The winner gets 1.000 Euro!

sweatshoppe belgrade

Video Painting – Painting Videos onto Walls

Sweatshoppe crew developed a technology that allows them to create the illusion that they are painting videos onto walls: Video Painting!

platoon graffiti gentrification

Urban Culture Talk: Graffiti equals Gentrification?!

Platoon in Berlin is going to open their new headquarter with a controversial debate discussing questions like: Does graffiti trigger gentrification? or How does creative street culture cause social restructuring?


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