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Subway Worldwide

Subway Systems | Did you know that our planet has now 178 metro systems including 84 metros and 21 subways, and that the rest has other official names, such as MRT, Metrorail, or...


Irgh – Crazy Abandoned Murals

Showing fantastic interwoven extremities, the colorful murals by Berlin-based urban artist Irgh are fantastic and can be found mainly in abandoned areas!


Artbase Grabowsee – Urban Art Festival

Happy Eastern and good news for all urban art enthusiasts in and around Berlin: Artbase Grabowsee will host the next big festival for urban art!


Uebergrund 2 – Urban Photo Mag

Recently the second issue of the new urban exploring and photography magazine “Uebergrund” has been published. This time it’s all about the underground, so make sure to check this out!


Light Painting WiFi

WiFi is all around us. Three creative technician now developed a light art tool for making WiFi visible. The results are nice examples of technically influences, abstract urban artworks...


Detroit – Decayed Buildings & DIY Paradise

Detroit is well-known around the globe for its abandoned areas and the decayed old buildings. Now, Johnny Knoxville explores the new creative generation which uses those places to create something new!


Urban Exploring: Ruins of Detroit

Abandoned places have special, indescribable atmosphere. The two French photographers and urban explorers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre tried to document it in their series “The Ruins of Detroit”!


Urban Exploring: Graffiti & Fire Under Paris

The catacombs under Paris with their hundreds of miles of tunnels, the graffiti and mural artworks, illegal parties and skeletons, are a theme park for urban explorers from all over the globe!


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