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VNA Magazine #19 – Anthony Lister Edition

VNA Magazine 19 is out! Featuring Anthony Lister, Lowbros, How&Nosm, Best Ever, Twoone, ECB, Remed and many more urban artists. Here are first insights!

Clemens Behr Interview

Clemens Behr Video Interview

Clemens Behr is one of the most talented abstract urban artists in Germany. Here he talks about his influences and shows his workflow...

concrete chair furniture

Concrete Chair – Urban Interior

Urban Furniture: This concrete chair by Swiss designer Stefan Zwicky is a masterpiece of urban-inspired interior and a must to have for me!

Fin DAC, London Stencil Artist

Fin DAC, A London Stencil Artist

It's safe to say that London stencil artist Fin DAC is a stencil art virtuoso. Recently a portrait of him was filmed in his very own studio. Watch it now!

findac stencil artwork

Fin DAC’s Blackjack Stencil – Exclusive Preview

This is an exclusive preview of Blackjack, the latest stencil artwork by London-based stencil art master Fin DAC. Check this out and be astonished!

futura hennessy limited edition

Graffiti Master Interview: Futura 2000 for Hennessy

Graffiti master Futura 2000 was interviewed by Hennessy because of their latest cognac-bottle collaboration. This is the full interview!

klebstoff 4 - sticker magazine

Klebstoff #4 Sticker Magazine

Klebstoff (German for glue) is the first magazine worldwide that completely consists of stickers! I just received the latest, fourth issue of the mag containing sticker works by 18 artists...

klub7 street art

Klub7 Talks About Chalk

Urban art crew Klub7 was interviewed by Gestalten and discussed the joy of artistic interactions, chalk and the evolution of graffiti!


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