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Fin DAC Stencil Art

Urban Art Recap, June 2012

Urban Art Recap: A female stencil art series, a street light switch, an urban art hype machine, an urban art exhibition and a football field.

best urban art

Best of Urban Art 2011

Writing top-lists seems to be quite common round about New Year’s Eve. This is a small collection of great 2011 reviews presenting together the Best of Urban Art 2011! Check this out...

molotov cocktail artwork

Top Urban Art Actions 2011

This urban art recap is about the top ten urban art actions which took place during 2011, including automated train graffiti machines as well as molotov cocktail art and an advertising takeover...

roa berlin exhibition

Top 10 Urban Artists 2011

Guess who’re the top 10 Urban Artists 2011! To recap the last 52 weeks, I wrote down some of the most influential and popular names from both, the street art and graffiti scene.

banksy bulgaria

Top 5 of Urban Artcore 2011

2011 Recap: Graffiti Wars, train-writing documentaries, Banksy dummies and animal murals - that were this year’s most popular urban art news on Urbanartcore. What a nice year!

sair photographed by thias

Urban Art Recap, September 2011

IBUg photos, the Mode2 exhibition in Berlin, a Banksy piece by Brad Downey, a doomsday photo-series and the new Blu mural in Cologne - These are the most popular posts on Urbanartcore from September...


Urban Art Recap, August 2011

Banksy vs. Robbo, a roadshow, a new Shepard Fairey mural, abandoned places in Berlin and Berlin Wall paintings - these are the five top stories on Urbanartcore in August 2011. Urban Art Recap features the most visited stories a second time...


Urban Art Recap, July 2011

A new Banksy, Roa in Berlin, a graffiti mobile, a guy who fucks around with graffiti and the Adidas Urban Art Series - these are the five top stories on Urbanartcore in July 2011. Urban Art Recap features the most visited stories a second time...


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