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Sainer Mural in Poland

Urban Forms: Sainer Mural in Poland

Mural artist Sainer just finished a new mural for the Polish Urban Forms Project which can be found in the heart of Lodz. Here is the video documentary!

berlin street art-documentary

Berlin Street Art Documentary: Berlin speaks for itself.

Berlin spricht für sich selbst (Berlin speaks for itself) is an upcoming Berlin street art documentary featuring several local artists like Prost and Alias!

Free Pussy Riot - Mentalgassi

Free Pussy Riot in Berlin – Mentalgassi

Free Pussy Riot! Berlin-based street art collective Mentalgassi joins the Global Pussy Riot Day today with one of their brilliant urban faces installations.

Moneyless Print

Moneyless for Fame Festival 2012

This is a small video-documentary of artworks by yarn-bomber and urban artist Moneyless for the Fame Festival 2012 in Grottaglie, Italy.

Vhils Church Mural

Decayed Church Mural by Vhils

The pretty awesome decayed church mural was recently created by famous urban artist Vhils for the Walk and Talk festival on the Azores...

Evol Stencil Art in Warsaw

Evol Stencil Art Buildings in Warsaw

Famous stencil artist Evol just hit Warsaw. Together with Monstfur, he created another of his well-known, fabulous stencil art villages!

Pixelpancho Mural in Russia

Like It. Art: Pixelpancho Mural in Russia

Italian mural artist Pixelpancho finished a new huge mural! This time he painted for the Like It. Art urban art festival in Kazan, Russia...

Toronto Street Art War

Between the Lines – Toronto’s War on Street Art

Between the Lines documents Toronto’s war on street art and features some of the local urban art protagonists. This is the first trailer!


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