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Top Urban Artists 2010

Street Art Review | It’s the last day of the year and for that reason it’s possible to create a lot of different top lists like “Top Urban Art Books 2010”, “Best Urban Art Photos 2010” or this one: “Top Urban Artists 2010”.

For sure, it’s difficult to do that, because of the massive count of highly talented urban artists around the globe and of course it’s always my subjective opinion, but it’s also true that I saw, met and recognized some really good artists in the last 12 months, I want to feature in this post.

Those of you who totally disagree with my opinion could also check “The Top 25 Artists of 2010” on complex.com or the “2010 Most Popular” posts on unurth.com. Here are my top urban artists of 2010:


Yes, French photographer and large-scale paste-up artist JR did it this year. He not just traveled the whole globe pasting a lot of fantastic stuff, but also won the 2011 TED Prize. Because his brilliant “Women are Heroes” series connects urban art and political statements in a outstanding way I hope he will go on next year with the same power!

Top Urban Artists 2010

Dran DMV

The French Da Mental Vaporz (DMV) graffiti crew had a fantastic run this year. I caught up with some of them at this year’s Meeting of Styles in London. I was highly impressed by the skills especially of Dran, who is also featured in Tristan Manco’s “Street Sketchbook: Journeys” and hope that they will visit Berlin in 2011.

Top Urban Artists 2010


Of course, Blu is part of this urban artist top list! Again Europe’s famous mural artist painted several amazing large-scale artworks on walls around the world. Although there has been some trouble about the latest work he did in Los Angeles I’m pretty sure he will never stop. Hopefully I have the chance to catch up with him next year somewhere in Europe…

Top Urban Artists 2010


Spanish graffiti and street artist Aryz is well-know for his dreamy and sometimes crazy characters. In the last months more and more people recognized his brilliant style and featured him in different ways. For that reason it’s a must to have him also in this list!

Top Urban Artists 2010

Pedro Matos

Portuguese urban artist Pedro Matos became really popular in Europe through his solo-exhibition “Reality Show”. His fantastic fine artworks are street influenced and combine in that way rough rough and dirty aerosol paintings and fine, detailed oil and acrylic paintings. I’m sure you will hear a lot more about him in 2011!

Top Urban Artists 2010


Yeah, I know I don’t have to write something about Belgian urban artist Roa – Everyone knows him and his detailed, grayscale spray-paintings of animals. Some say, he is probably one of the current most famous graffiti artists in Europe…

Top Urban Artists 2010

The Mac

Also Los Angeles-based graffiti artist El Mac traveled around the world in 2010, visiting for example Berlin and New York. Because of his very unique style and the unusual technique (he uses icecold cans), he is able to create fantastic large-scale graffiti portaits. Hope to see him in Berlin again in 2011!

Top Urban Artists 2010

That’s it. Right, I could go on and on, presenting other top urban artists, but I have to cut here. If you think, I have to mention another artist (street art or graffiti doesn’t matter), use the comment area to write down some words about your favourite artist of 2010.

Happy new year!

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