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Top Of Shard Tower

Top Of Shard Tower

The Shard Tower already dominates London’s skyline and will become Europe’s tallest building when construction work is finished. Nevertheless, some urban explorers (as you could already watch in the Crack The Surface documentary) entered the Shard’s construction site and took some astonishing photographs, as Sky News recently broadcasted

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This is clearly dangerous, falling from heights is the biggest cause of fatalities in Britain. The Shard is still a construction site, it’s not yet finished. W would ask thrill seekers to comprehend what a dangerous place a living construction site is – as is borne out by the statistics. (British Safety Council)

The SilentUK crew just published their photos from the top of Shard London Bridge (previously known as London Bridge Tower, and also known as the Shard of Glass, 32 London Bridge, and The Shard or Vertical City) and I have to show them respect. To climb onto a crane of one of the tallest building worldwide is a formidable performance and the resulting photos are just impressing. From the view of one of the urban explorers, the action reads as follows:

The task ahead was daunting, I struggle climbing 30 floor buildings, but over 72 with an additional crane? [...] The mind was willing, but the body weak. Almost half an hour and several hundred sweat inducing feet later, we reached the summit, a panoramic, unspoilt view of the city our reward. The wind howled, the crane upon which we stood creaked and swayed, London stretching as far as the eye could see. We were high, extremely high. Actually, we were too high. While the initial view was breathtaking, and believe me it was, once the adrenaline and satisfaction of what had been accomplished subsided, we slowly discovered that this view was for the most part, a photographic nightmare. (silentuk.com)

That’s the stories I love to hear!

Top Of Shard Tower

Photos by silentuk.com, info via ektopia.co.uk.

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