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Taken By A Vandal – Graffiti in 3D

3D is in and trendy, Hollywood is showing is that with almost every new movie they throw on the market and although the 3D technique is not yet as convincing as is probably could be, I really like the idea of the new Taken By A Vandal graffiti documentary, bringing graffiti action three dimensions into our living rooms!

Graffiti as seen through the eyes of the artist

While watching this action-loaded documentary, we’re following the happenings as seen through the eyes of the 18 graffiti artist, who filmed themselves using head camera. This, and the fact that they decided to add a certain stereoscopic 3D effect, makes Taken By A Vandal become somehow confusing but also unique and very interesting. All in all you could say, this graffiti documentary shows train-graffiti action as just a minority has seen it before…

Not only is the subcultural scene itself addressed as a target group for this project, but moreover, a wider audience is attempting to be reached. The activists can take this new approach and can adapt it as a new tradition of a good documentation of their subculture. For the first time it will be possible for the general public to access and dive into a strange, but ubiquitous world. A look behind the scenes of this usually inaccessible scene makes the mystery graffiti accessible to all.

The Vandals: Agit, Becky & Stace, Creme, Debil, Faxr, Fluid, Geier, Krek, Limp.h, Metal, Most, Nice, Nyo, Samsn, Syro, Taps, Truth, Zay

The DVD (including one of those stereoscopic 3D glasses) is already available, e.g. at stylefile.com!

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