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Vhils Church Mural

Decayed Church Mural by Vhils

The pretty awesome decayed church mural was recently created by famous urban artist Vhils for the Walk and Talk festival on the Azores...

vhils lisbon

Concrete Art: Vhils in Lisbon

Vhils just visited Lisbon and beautified one of the oldest concrete blocks, an abandoned concrete tower in the Portuguese capital! Wow...

New Vhils Mural

New Vhils Murals in Shanghai

Famous Portuguese urban artist Vhils is in China right now, preparing a new exhibition and creating spectacular Vhils murals in Shanghai...

roa berlin exhibition

Top 10 Urban Artists 2011

Guess who’re the top 10 Urban Artists 2011! To recap the last 52 weeks, I wrote down some of the most influential and popular names from both, the street art and graffiti scene.

vhils book

Vhils – Destruction Art Book

Vhils is undoubtedly one of the most skilled and talented young artists on the urban art scene. He creates technically masterful, contemporary portraits...This is his book!


Vhils Documentary

When Vhils visited California for his European Bailout Show he also went on the streets creating some of his popular wall artworks. Carlos Gonzalez documented the whole deconstruction progress!


Explosion Wall Art by Vhils

Vhils recently did a fantastic and energetic urban destruction performance to visualize the music by Portuguese band Orelha Negra. The result is awesome and a must to see for fans of rough urban art!


Princess Hijab, Urban Bowling & Subway Exhibition

The fifth part of my urban art eye candy series gives you some interesting reading tips about latest street art events, exhibitions and artists. Also some nice impressions aren’t missing...


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