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Train Graffiti, My Dirty Hobby

German train-writing: The best little train graffiti video, from start to finish and including a brilliant finish, I’ve seen for a while!

tomcat tag

Bombing the City with Tags & Throws.

The new Tags and Throws project focuses on fundamental street graffiti, capturing the bombing scene of the world today. One artist at a time!


Taken By A Vandal – Graffiti in 3D

Vandal Graffiti - Eighteen of the most recognized and respected German graffiti writers filmed themselves using head cameras! This is their graffiti documentary in 3D!


Eloquent Vandals Documentary

After the Eloquent Vandals book, the Norway’s Nuart Festival recently published the corresponding video documentary, featuring the Nuart urban art festival and its artists!


Russian Urban Art: CHO Crew Film

Russian CHO crew documented their urban art actions in Russia and Spain and recently published their first graffiti film supported by Obey. The documentary gives a nice insight into their diverse street actions - watch it now!


Graffiti Vandals: Good Behavior

What’s good behavior in a graffiti context? In his latest video, Barcelona-based photographer German Rigol shows us his interpretation, presenting writers, tags and street action!


Fuck You Graffiti Art!

Swedish graffiti artist and one of the worst graffiti vandals in Stockholm Nug, just hit the streets of an old Italian town as a part of this year’s Fame Festival! Although the result is somehow messy, watching the action is quite fun...


Marker Fetish – Tag Tools

Markers are everywhere! Barcelona-based photographer German Rigol created a nice photo-portrait collection of used, dirty and unique markers. A must to see for every fan...


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