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Toronto Street Art War

Between the Lines – Toronto’s War on Street Art

Between the Lines documents Toronto’s war on street art and features some of the local urban art protagonists. This is the first trailer!

Himmelbeet - urban farming

Urban Farming: Roof-Top Garden in Berlin

Berlin is going to get its next urban farming project! The Himmelbeet project transforms an car park into a community garden space...

cloud castle intervention

Urban Intervention: Project Cloud Castle

Anna Borgman and Candy Lenk just realized their Berlin Cloud Castle project, an urban intervention examinating incompletion of public space.

platoon graffiti gentrification

Urban Culture Talk: Graffiti equals Gentrification?!

Platoon in Berlin is going to open their new headquarter with a controversial debate discussing questions like: Does graffiti trigger gentrification? or How does creative street culture cause social restructuring?


Urban Hacktivism: The Biggest Football Field in the World

French urban hacktivist Florian Rivière and his Graffiti Soccer Crew transformed urban Berlin into a the biggest soccer field in the world!

New York Prison

Urban Redevelopment: Buy Your Prison!

The State of New York is hoping to sell its old prisons, what’s a great chance for those craving urban space to spread out. Buy your prison!

Pop-up park Chicago

Urban Gardening: Pop-Up Park Chicago

Pop-up parks are temporary green urban interventions. In Chicago, Joe Baldwin installed such a 280 square meters pop-up park for a few hours!

Blek le Rat - Stencil Art

German City Starts Preserving Street Art!

Preserving Street Art: Blek le Rat's Madonna in Leipzig is a masterpiece. Should street art be preserved? In this case, Leipzig says yes!


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