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Street ad hack - cARTographyTO

Toronto Street Ad Takeover

Ad-busting in Toronto - The cARTographyTO crew just did a nice ad takeover hacked 35 billboards and advertisement street signs in Toronto!

florian riviere - free exercise bike

Free Urban Exercise Bike

French urban hacktivist Florian Rivière just came up with a new urban hack: He shows a way to create free urban exercise bikes! Simply genius and again a nice way to delight people with public space tools...

24ghz project

2.4 GHz – Public Monitoring Art

Benjamin Gaulon creates public monitoring art by installing wireless video receiver in public space to hack into wireless CCTV cameras...!


Urban Hacktivism: The Biggest Football Field in the World

French urban hacktivist Florian Rivière and his Graffiti Soccer Crew transformed urban Berlin into a the biggest soccer field in the world!

MIT Tetris

Tetris Hack: Amazing 90 Meters Tetris Game!

Tetris Hack: 153 windows, 153 pixels - the front of the MIT’s Green Building lit up in a colorful display of the popular puzzler Tetris!

florian riviere - advert Carousel

Advertising Carousel by Florian Rivière in Berlin

French urban hacktivist Florian Rivière just created a few great street interventions in Berlin. One is the great advertising carousel...

Evan Roth - Automated Spray Can

Evan Roth’s Propulsion Paintings

Evan Roth’s work process takes inspiration from free software movement and hacker ethos. His latest series is called Propulsion Paintings...

Painting Reality in Sao Paulo

Paint Attack Sao Paulo

Massive paint attack in Sao Paulo! Similar to the Painting Reality intervention by Iepe Rubingh, a group of activists tipped out buckets of colorful paint on a junction!


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