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uebergrund 3 - urban exploration magazine

Uebergrund #3 – Urban Exploration Magazine

Urban exploration magazine Uebergrund is a printed contribution for the internation urban exploration scene! In the third issue, Sebastian Linck presents again the beauty of abandoned buildings...

lucie simon silentworld

Deserted Cities: Where Time Stands Still

The Silent World urban photo-series by Lucie and Simon show empty places in deserted cities and make us understand What makes a city a city!

Stephen Wilkes - Highline NYC

Stephen Wilkes’ Urban Photography: Day & Night on a Single Photo!

Well-known photographer Stephen Wilkes documents locations in New York City during day and night on a single photograph: The Day to Night series...

Top of Shard Tower

Top Of Shard Tower

A few months ago, urban explorers climbed the Shard Tower in London! Now they published their impressing photos from the top of the Shard!

Urbex in Bulgaria

Urbex: Abandoned Communist UFO

The Buzludzha building in Bulgaria looks like a massive Communist UFO! Urban explorer Timothy Allen recently explored and photographed the abandoned, icebound dome...

Urban Exploration Photos

Uebergrund – Urbex Photography Magazine

The third issue of Sebastian Linck’s self-made urbex photography magazine Uebergrund is coming soon! After issue one (published in 2009) and issue two (published in 2011) I’m really curious to see what impressing...

Brenna Urban Photography

Urbex Photography Special

Photographers around the world are exploring their urban environment nowadays, what makes it difficult to identify the great ones. This special features some of the best urbex photographers.

urban exploration ebook

Urban Exploration eBook

Urban Exploration Photography is a free urban exploration and photography guide for UrbEx enthusiasts, exploring greenhorns and urban photography beginners by Neil Ta - Get it now!


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