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Urban Multimedia Art: The Solution Is Irrelevant

Curated by 44flavours and Clemens Behr the group installation The Solution Is Irrelevant will take place tonight at Berlin’s Epicentro Artspace, Karl-Marx-Allee 82-84! Urban Multimedia Art The Solution Is Irrelevant, is meant to...

Clemens Behr Interview

Clemens Behr Video Interview

Clemens Behr is one of the most talented abstract urban artists in Germany. Here he talks about his influences and shows his workflow...

Artbase 2012 - Urban Art Festival

Artbase 2012 – Berlin’s Urban Art Festival

The Artbase 2012 urban art festival is going to take place at Berlin’s abandoned NSA station Teufelsberg at the end of August! It’s a must!

Berlin Subway Sculpture

Berlin Subway Sculpture

Clemens Behr and Raby Florence Fofana created a fantastic abstract subway sculpture, objectifying Berlin’s most famous subway line U1! Watch the video now...

Vermibus - Kate Moss Nightmare

Vermibus Ad-Busting in Berlin

Vermibus creates amazing ad-bustings using nothing more than fashion model posters (e.g. of Kate Moss) and solvent. He is already going to become Berlin’s most famous ad-buster!

mto street art

Urban Art Clash 2012

Urban Art Clash 2012 at Kunsthaus Tacheles is still open for every street art and graffiti enthusiast. The group exhibition runs till mid July!

Quintessenz Creation Drips

Berlin gets Colorful – Quintessenz Extinguisher Action

Berlin-based Quintessenz Creation crew painted a colorful mural in Berlin using nothing more than paint and alienated fire extinguishers...!

Street Installation by BR1

Ads vs. Urban Environment

Crumpled ad poster destroyed bus shelter and Italian street artist BR1 sounds the bell for another round ads vs. urban environment!


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