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Greg Papagrigoriou mural

Calligraphica – Hand Drawn Type & Calligraphy

Calligraphica is a nice blog about calligraphy and hand drawn type, presenting contributions by several skilled designers and artists...

Letterpress Printing

Upside Down, Left to Right: The Letterpress Revival

Upside Down, Left to Right is a short film about the letterpress revival and one of the few remaining movable-type printing workshops in the UK.

boa mistura - sao paulo

Typography Murals in Sao Paulo

Brazilian suburb redesigned! Spnaish Boa Mistura crew recently did a participative urban art project in Sao Paulo and created by the help of local kids nice anamorphic murals!

arabic graffiti book

Arabic Graffiti

Arabic script has experienced a revival. To celebrate this revelation of beauty the book Arabic Graffiti brings together artists, graffiti writers and typographers from Middle East who merge Arabic calligraphy with urban culture...


L’Atlas in Berlin – Action, Photos, Exhibition!

Famous French urban artist L’Atlas is in town and used the last days to create some new abstract typography artworks for his upcoming exhibition...


Arabic Graffiti – Middle East Calligraphy

One of the most inspiring things is to explore alphabets and calligraphy of other cultures. Now there’s a first reference book about Arabic graffiti...


Light-Painting in Kazakhstan

Marko from France creates interesting light-paintings. Earlier this year he traveled to Kazakhstan and did some nice light artworks. have a look and be impressed!


Great Typography Posters

Redspective presents posters and prints by the two typography artists and graphic designers Otto Baum and Sven Neitzel. Really nice works, take a look!


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