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Train Graffiti, My Dirty Hobby

German train-writing: The best little train graffiti video, from start to finish and including a brilliant finish, I’ve seen for a while!


Train Bombing – Graffiti Animation

Without doubt, this graffiti animation, combining common train graffiti story and fantasy elements is one of the best I’ve seen so far!


Taken By A Vandal – Graffiti in 3D

Vandal Graffiti - Eighteen of the most recognized and respected German graffiti writers filmed themselves using head cameras! This is their graffiti documentary in 3D!


Lego Graffiti

Shooting a Lego graffiti stop-motion video is quite a lot work, I’m pretty sure. This video shows a Lego guy painting a train panel in the yard during night-time...


Tram Graffiti

This fantastic video from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia shows not just tram graffiti action but captures the dream-like atmosphere of a wintry tram yard. A must to watch!

Extinguisher Train Graffiti Berlin

Fire Extinguisher Train Graffiti Berlin

You can see a lot of train graffiti in Berlin and I already saw the weirdest things like semi-automated train graffiti devices, other stuff and of course I know fire extinguisher graffiti and...

1UP ski mask

1UP Graffiti Documentary Review

Whether up on roofs, down in subway tunnels, on trains, cars or walls, 1UP is everywhere and for that reason an inherent part of Berlin’s street culture and graffiti scene. This is the review of their film...


1UP Graffiti – One United Power

Famous Berlin-based 1UP crew is going to release their own documentary DVD this December, including graffiti actions, street-pieces, roof-top rollers, whole-cars and more from Berlin and elsewhere!


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