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Berlin Subway Sculpture

Berlin Subway Sculpture

Clemens Behr and Raby Florence Fofana created a fantastic abstract subway sculpture, objectifying Berlin’s most famous subway line U1! Watch the video now...

Subway Parasite

Subway Parasite: Stealth Light Projector

This subway parasite is an independant projection-system that can be attached to subways and allows projecting films inside a tunnel...

articial reefs - redbird reef

NYC Subway – Redbirds Underwater

Redbirds, those famous cinnabar red NYC subway cars, have been buried about 80 feet underwater off the US east coast to help creating the artificial Redbirds Reef...

1UP ski mask

1UP Graffiti Documentary Review

Whether up on roofs, down in subway tunnels, on trains, cars or walls, 1UP is everywhere and for that reason an inherent part of Berlin’s street culture and graffiti scene. This is the review of their film...


1UP Graffiti – One United Power

Famous Berlin-based 1UP crew is going to release their own documentary DVD this December, including graffiti actions, street-pieces, roof-top rollers, whole-cars and more from Berlin and elsewhere!


Subway Worldwide

Subway Systems | Did you know that our planet has now 178 metro systems including 84 metros and 21 subways, and that the rest has other official names, such as MRT, Metrorail, or...


Alex Fakso – Graffiti Photography Book

Alex Fakso is probably one of the best graffiti action photographers worldwide. After his first graffiti book “Heavy Metal” he recently published “Fast or Die” showing more writers in action...


1UP Subway Graffiti Action

I’m pretty sure, everyone who already visited Berlin noticed at least one 1UP graffiti. In my eyes 1UP is one of the most well-known crews in town and for that reason part of the “Unlike U” documentary!


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