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Fin DAC, London Stencil Artist

Fin DAC, A London Stencil Artist

It's safe to say that London stencil artist Fin DAC is a stencil art virtuoso. Recently a portrait of him was filmed in his very own studio. Watch it now!

garage art berlin

Open Call: Garage Art in Berlin

Garage Art in Berlin - A Berliner art collective is calling for papers to join the garage art competition 2012. The winner gets 1.000 Euro!

jakob tolstrup - studio visit

Jakob Tolstrup Studio-Visit

With Danish artist Jakob Tolstrup in Berlin, the Gemran capital got another attraction! His paintings are humorous illustrated caricatures of modern society. I just visited his studio...


Artconnect Berlin: Artists Network

Artconnect Berlin is a networking platform with the aim to become the online core of the creative community in Berlin, facilitating the flow of information, contact, ideas, jobs and services, promoting the development of artistic projects in Berlin.

Word to Mother: studio visit

Word To Mother Studio Shots

British lad Word To Mother, one of my favorite London-based urban artists, is preparing his upcoming exhibition at Stolen Space Gallery right now! Photographer Ian Cox recently visited his studio...

rero paradigm

Rero, La Jarry, Paris

French urban artist Rero recently painted the facade of the La Jarry building, an art, studio and exhibition space for many urban artists which is planned to break down by the city of Paris. Paradigm describes it perfectly...

Matt Adnate Studio Berlin

Matt Adnate, Studio-Visit

The latest artworks by Australian urban artist Matt Adnate combine the roughness of graffiti and the softness of photo-realistic details! I recently met him in his studio while preparing artworks for his upcoming solo-show in Berlin...


Ron English Studio Visit

Ron English is one of the most famous pop art related painters and interventional artists worldwide. Have you ever entered his studio?


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