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brainwash in london

Mr. Brainwash Hype Machine in London

Mr. Brainwash is in London! He or his team just started to paste up huge British themed artworks in Holburn, central London. Expect more...

banksy ideas

Banksy Ideas – Parodying A Street Art Icon

Banksy Ideas is a great parody of the world’s most famous street artist, developing ideas for new, ironic Banksy-like stencil artworks...

the shard tower

The Shard: A Timelapse Study

The Shard tower in London is just impressing. This timelapse shows the final weeks of construction of The Shard tower in London Bridge!

ronzo bird sculpture

Street Sculptures: Ronzo installs Birdz in London!

Watch well-known London-based urban artist Ronzo creating and rolling out his famous street sculptures on the streets of London - And win a sculpture!

Roa Hedgehog London

New Huge Roa Hedgehog in London

Famous Belgian muralist Roa recently put up a new huge hedgehog on Chance Street in East-London’s Shoreditch! Roa, who visited the British capital again for his Hypnagogia show at Stolenspace Gallery, created in...

Very Nearly Almost 18

VNA Magazine #18 – Conor Harrington Edition

Recently, the 18th issue of UK-based independent quarterly magazine Very Nearly Almost was published, featuring Conor Harrington, Remi Rough and others!

Banksy Stencil Art

Origami Stencil by Banksy?

Is this origami stencil artwork in London a new piece by British street art legend Banksy? It certainly looks that way, but do you think?

Street Art App for iPhone

Geo Street Art iPhone App

Geo Street Art iPhone App? Yes, this is another app, providing functionality to share and discover street art in New York and London curated by a global network of urban art experts...


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