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The Street Arts Melting Pot

The Street Arts Melting Pot festival is a international event for street arts, bringing together about 2.000 artists and performers from all over the world in Hamburg! It will take place this September or the first time...


Apple Store Busting

One year after those great Apple iPad ad-bustings in Berlin, the trendy computer giant is going to open a flagship-store in Hamburg. That’s nothing special – I mean nowadays there are Apple stores...


Stencil Art Pirates: Los Piratoz

Los Piratos is maybe the most active street art crew from Hamburg. Recently they published their own stencil art book and sent me an exemplar. Here are some insights...


Hamburger Stencil Art in Berlin

Mittenimwald and Dash3Ultra, two Hamburg-based stencil artists, will start their urban art exhibition at ATM Gallery in Berlin. A must for urban art lovers...

Street Art: Chimp, 1010 & CUPK in Hamburg

In addition to Berlin, Hamburg has one of the most active street art scenes in Germany. Yesterday, I walked through the streets there and took some nice street art shots...

Adidas Urban Art Guide Hamburg

Do you know the Adidas Urban Art Guide? It’s an iPhone and Symbian application which guides you through the cities of Berlin and Hamburg and shows you interesting street art spots...

Release: Gaffa Urbanism Magazine

This Friday, the second Spacemag issue, called “Gaffa-Urbanism”, will be published at the Art Lawyer Gallery in Hamburg. I was able to cast an first eye at the new edition...

Live Stencil Art: Ben Howe in Hamburg

This Saturday, Australian stencil artist Ben Howe will exhibit in Hamburg. The show is called “Schism Overwrite” and will present his most current artworks...


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