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klebstoff 4 - sticker magazine

Klebstoff #4 Sticker Magazine

Klebstoff (German for glue) is the first magazine worldwide that completely consists of stickers! I just received the latest, fourth issue of the mag containing sticker works by 18 artists...


Sticker Exhibition – Stick Core Berlin

Stick Core Berlin is back with it’s second part, presenting stickers in their wonderful diversity of color, form and expression and discovering this specialized urban medium as a part of street art!


The Toasters Everywhere

Street art pioneers The Toasters are going to screen their documentary entitled Everywhere in London, Wolverhampton and Helsinki, documenting their street art history...


US Postal Stickers Oversized & Underpriced!

Last Friday, the next round of the “Oversized & Underpriced” customized sticker art show started in Berlin’s Superplan Gallery showing about 40 sticker artworks by well-known urban artists...


Oversized & Underpriced Sticker Art

About 50 urban artists, huge US Postal sticker prints and the one and only sticker museum - The “Oversized & Underpriced” sticker art show is back! A must for all sticker-freaks...


Buffing Nazi Graffiti

Irmela Mensah-Schramm fights against Nazi graffiti and stickers on the streets in Germany. Her effort is well-known and for that reason two film-makers started to create a documentary about the Nazi graffiti buffer!


Stickcore – Sticker Exhibition

Stickcore is the next big urban art event in Berlin. The sticker exhibition will present stickers in various styles, forms and sizes from all over the globe. Read more...


Catch Banksy!?

The rumor, that the former student of Bristol Cathedral School Robin Cunningham is the most famous street artist worldwide, has long been there, but now on a new level...Catch Banksy!?


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