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Evol Stencil Art in Warsaw

Evol Stencil Art Buildings in Warsaw

Famous stencil artist Evol just hit Warsaw. Together with Monstfur, he created another of his well-known, fabulous stencil art villages!

Fin DAC, London Stencil Artist

Fin DAC, A London Stencil Artist

It's safe to say that London stencil artist Fin DAC is a stencil art virtuoso. Recently a portrait of him was filmed in his very own studio. Watch it now!

findac stencil artwork

Fin DAC’s Blackjack Stencil – Exclusive Preview

This is an exclusive preview of Blackjack, the latest stencil artwork by London-based stencil art master Fin DAC. Check this out and be astonished!

Fin DAC Stencil Art

Urban Art Recap, June 2012

Urban Art Recap: A female stencil art series, a street light switch, an urban art hype machine, an urban art exhibition and a football field.

blek le rat - stencil art

Blek Le Rat Stencil Pioneer, Documentary

French artist Blek Le Rat is the true stencil art pioneer. This video documentary features him, his story and his street artwork. Watch now!

Fin DAC - Canine Feline

Fin DAC’s Female Stencil Art Series

London Art: Fin DAC’s female stencil art series is a great example of what’s possible combining a single-layer stencil and creative skills!

banksy ideas

Banksy Ideas – Parodying A Street Art Icon

Banksy Ideas is a great parody of the world’s most famous street artist, developing ideas for new, ironic Banksy-like stencil artworks...

Blek le Rat - Stencil Art

German City Starts Preserving Street Art!

Preserving Street Art: Blek le Rat's Madonna in Leipzig is a masterpiece. Should street art be preserved? In this case, Leipzig says yes!


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