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Smash137 - Beautiful Struggle

Who is Smash 137?

Who is Smash 137? For his upcoming graffiti art show in Switzerland legendary writer a short 'who is' video was published about Smash 137!

Amateur Magazine 10

Amateur Magazine #10 – DXTR Edition

The 10th issue of Swiss Amateur Magazine is out now, including DXTR on the cover and interviews with Smash137, Tom Fellner and others!

smash137 in paris by ruedione

Smash 137 & RuediOne in Paris

Grow up! is the phrase famous writer Smash 137 heard so often from the mouths of his parents when he was going out to paint. RuediOne took some nice photos of the corresponding exhibition!

revok london

Roa in Australia, a new Brad Downey Book & Murals around the Globe

This weeks urban art link-tips include info about Roa in Australia, a new Brad Downey book, fantastic murals by Pixelpancho, and even more street art and graffiti news from around the globe!


Graffiti Without Caps – Smash137 & Risk

The internationally well-known graffiti artists Smash137 and Risk just created an amazing piece near Miami Beach and used no caps for the background and the fillings...brilliant!


Skateboard Art: Helping Hounds of Hell 2011

“The Helping Hounds Of Hell” is an urban skate art event, which took recently place in Berlin, presenting fantastic customized skateboard decks by about 40 well-known urban artists...

Smash 137 and Aryz Graffiti Art

Smash 137 & Aryz Graffiti in Barcelona

The two graffiti artists Smash 137 and Aryz met each-other in Barcelona for a great collaboration artwork in an abandoned industrial terrain. Ruedi One filmed the session...

Graffiti meets Cars: “Wash Me” Book

Get a free issue of the “Wash Me” graffiti car book, which documents the creative celebration of Mini’s 50th birthday. Featuring Seak One, Smash137, Tika and other well-known artists...


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