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Kilian Martin skateboard tricks

Kilian Martin’s Weird, Awesome Skateboard Tricks

Known as professional freestyle skateboarder, Kilian Martin is really killing it in his new video, filmed in an decayed water park!


Skateboard Fireworks Mayhem in Vancouver

Fantastic impressions from the Leeside skateboard fireworks mayhem during Halloween 2011 in Vancouver, BC including several scary guys and also Zaphod Beeblebrox!

fuckfinger skateboard

Skateboard Sculptures by Haroshi

Skateboard sculptor Haroshi from Japan recently opened a great exhibition in Los Angeles, showing his latest skateboard sculptures made of broken decks! I love that fuckfinger...

shok1 mural

Girls on Bikes, Isolated Spaces, a Week in Paris & Gallery Openings

A lot urban art related stuff happened during the week I visited the urban art festival IBUg in Saxon, for what reason I put together my favorite street art and graffiti news and created this weeks urban art link-tips...


Skateboard Shades

Those Skateboard Shades are the perfect an accessory every skateboard enthusiast around the globe! Produced by Eric Singer and made from broken decks, this first experimental version looks mega-dope!


Dave the Chimp – DIY Skate & Paint Device

After that nice Spray Paint Skateboard Interface by D*Face became popular (just check e.g. hypebeast, ukstreetart, urbanshit or welikethat) well-known, Berlin-based urban artist Dave the Chimp created his own DIY Skate & Paint...

dface skateboard interface

D*Face Spray Paint Skateboard

D*Face is skateboarding addicted – We knew that not just since he transformed the Ridiculous Pool into a skull-hell back in 2009! But know there’s no open question left… The famous urban artist...


Skateboard Art: Helping Hounds of Hell 2011

“The Helping Hounds Of Hell” is an urban skate art event, which took recently place in Berlin, presenting fantastic customized skateboard decks by about 40 well-known urban artists...


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