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Obey the Giant – The Shepard Fairey Biopic

Shepard Fairey and his alter ego Obey the Giant are street art legends! Now a young film-maker creates the first Shepard Fairey biopic...

Simpsons Street Art Episode

Simpsons Street Art Tribute

Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart is a Simpsons street art tribute, featuring Bart getting in touch with some major US street art legends Shepard Fairey, Ron English, and others...


Black Hills Not 4 Sale!

Shepard Fairey’s latest mural in Los Angeles calls attention on the many problems of the native’s reservation in the Black Hills! Check this out...

Shepard Fairey - Protester

Shepard Fairey: Protester of the Year

The Protester is the person of the year! And what’s equally interesting is the fact that no one else than Shepard Fairey himself designed the cover, again...


Urban Art Recap, August 2011

Banksy vs. Robbo, a roadshow, a new Shepard Fairey mural, abandoned places in Berlin and Berlin Wall paintings - these are the five top stories on Urbanartcore in August 2011. Urban Art Recap features the most visited stories a second time...


Shepard Fairey, Oslo Memorial

Shepard Fairey designed the first memorial mural to honour the victims of the terror of July 22 in Oslo! His staff recently pasted up the huge mural at Kirkeveien 59 in the city center communicating peace...


Shepard Fairey Mural, Copenhagen

Shepard Fairey is painting murals in Copenhagen right now. His first peace dove wall is located on Jagtvej 69, the address of Copenhagen’s former Ungedomshuset! Let’s see what else is going to come up...


VNA 15 – Street Art Mag 4 Free

The 15th issue of the London-based Very Nearly Almost magazine for street art and graffiti is out, featuring again some famous urban artists like Shepard Fairey, Nychos, Burning Candy or Elph. Get your copy for free now!


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