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Bosso Fataka - Cling Wrap Sculptures

Bosso Fataka – Cling Wrap Sculptures

The Berlin-based guerilla art crew Bosso Fataka creates cling wrap sculptures in public space. Recently ReutersTV featured them in a video!

cloud castle intervention

Urban Intervention: Project Cloud Castle

Anna Borgman and Candy Lenk just realized their Berlin Cloud Castle project, an urban intervention examinating incompletion of public space.

24ghz project

2.4 GHz – Public Monitoring Art

Benjamin Gaulon creates public monitoring art by installing wireless video receiver in public space to hack into wireless CCTV cameras...!

klebstoff 4 - sticker magazine

Klebstoff #4 Sticker Magazine

Klebstoff (German for glue) is the first magazine worldwide that completely consists of stickers! I just received the latest, fourth issue of the mag containing sticker works by 18 artists...

Inside Out by JR

Street Artist JR: 1 Year Turning the World Inside Out

Street artist JR started his Inside Out project in 2011. Now, a year after, he shows how giant posters of human faces, connect communities!

guerilla paint sculpture

Guerrilla Paint Sculpture

Belgian paint manufacturer Levis just came up with a new urban advert campaign and transformed a lamppost into a guerrilla paint sculpture!

lucie simon silentworld

Deserted Cities: Where Time Stands Still

The Silent World urban photo-series by Lucie and Simon show empty places in deserted cities and make us understand What makes a city a city!

Kulturpark Berlin

Kulturpark Berlin: Re-open an Abandoned Amusement Park

I have a big foible for abandoned amusement parks. One reason – and it doesn’t matter whether the decaying park is located in the US or even in China – is the somehow...


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