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Free Pussy Riot - Mentalgassi

Free Pussy Riot in Berlin – Mentalgassi

Free Pussy Riot! Berlin-based street art collective Mentalgassi joins the Global Pussy Riot Day today with one of their brilliant urban faces installations.

Sheikh Rihan Mural

Egyptian Mural Makes Concrete Wall Transparent!

Egyptian graffiti artists created murals vanishing military barriers in Cairo by making them visually transparent. What a great protest!

Blu - Europe Border Policy

Blu Mural Against Europe’s Border

Famous mural artist Blu came up with a new mural in Melilla, questioning Europe’s border policy which often is described as barbed wire...

Street Installation by BR1

Ads vs. Urban Environment

Crumpled ad poster destroyed bus shelter and Italian street artist BR1 sounds the bell for another round ads vs. urban environment!

anti acta - guy fawkes

Anti ACTA – Guy Fawkes in Berlin

ACTA is one more offensive against the sharing of culture on the Internet. In Berlin, the anti ACTA protest includes thousands of people, including several Guy Fawkes...

urban censorship

Web Censorship is Urban Censorship!

Today is the international protest day against SOPA and PIPA. And because those censorship bills will affect the entire internet we are going to join the protest!

Shepard Fairey - Protester

Shepard Fairey: Protester of the Year

The Protester is the person of the year! And what’s equally interesting is the fact that no one else than Shepard Fairey himself designed the cover, again...


Voina Protest In Prague

Russian art collective Voina recently brought their protest to Prague, by displaying a massive photograph of one of their members. It’s another sign against the criminalization of political activists in Russia...


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