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Inside Out by JR

Street Artist JR: 1 Year Turning the World Inside Out

Street artist JR started his Inside Out project in 2011. Now, a year after, he shows how giant posters of human faces, connect communities!

Alex Diamond unmasked

The Unusual Story of Alex Diamond

The Alex Diamond Mining Company is the latest chapter in the unusual story of Alex Diamond, an artist project evading a fixed personality...

monokrome graffiti design book

Monokrome – Black and White Graffiti Book

Packed with sketches, inked line work and mixed media, the black and white graffiti book Monokrome includes world class graffiti designs!

Amateur Magazine 10

Amateur Magazine #10 – DXTR Edition

The 10th issue of Swiss Amateur Magazine is out now, including DXTR on the cover and interviews with Smash137, Tom Fellner and others!

Letterpress Printing

Upside Down, Left to Right: The Letterpress Revival

Upside Down, Left to Right is a short film about the letterpress revival and one of the few remaining movable-type printing workshops in the UK.

Collaboration show in Hamburg

Quintessenz Creation feat. Danny Doom

Danny Doom and Quintessenz Creation are going to rock Hamburg city with their upcoming art show at OZM Gallery, presenting their latest collaboration works...

Matthew Cusick - map artworks

Transamerican Map Works

Matthew Cusick uses transamerican physical maps to create fantastic portrait-works by cutting and pasting small map-snippets together! The results are just superb and a must to see...


The Alex Diamond Mining Company

Just as the characters, also Alex Diamond is genderless, ageless and nation-less. His/ her latest exhibition, The Alex Diamond Mining Company, is still running at Vicious Gallery in Hamburg and a must to see!


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