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Fin DAC, London Stencil Artist

Fin DAC, A London Stencil Artist

It's safe to say that London stencil artist Fin DAC is a stencil art virtuoso. Recently a portrait of him was filmed in his very own studio. Watch it now!

moscow city portrait

Time-lapsed Moscow City Portrait

Moscow is beautiful, at least in this amazing time-lapse video by Belarusian photographer and film-maker zweizwei who portrait the Russian city!


London Street Art: Brick Lane

“Brick Lane in Art” is an upcoming documentary about London’s street art by film-maker Shafiur Rahman, who wants to portrait one of the epicentres for urban creativity in Europe...


City Portrait: London 1940s to 1980

Today I found about 1400 photos of the historical London, which create an unique insight into London’s street life between 1940 and 1980...


Berlin in Tilt-Shift

I love tagged walls, I love colorful houses and streets and I like creative city portraits like this tilt-shift video of Berlin. Take a look at the sexiest city worldwide from unusual perspectives...


Pedro Matos: Portrait or Urban Reality?

With his most recent solo-exhibition in Lisbon, Portuguese urban artist Pedro Matos will probably earn a lot of fame in the international art world. Here are some first photos...

Urban Portraiture: Pabo Art Show

Two days ago, I visited the “Face to Face” exhibition by street artist Pabo in Berlin. What I found were some great portraits of some famous people. Here are some impressions...

istanbul city portrait

New York & Istanbul City Portrait

Photographer and filmmaker Max Moose made some really nice lime lapse videos with impressions from the streets of New York and Istanbul! So if you’re interested in different urban cultures, take a look!


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