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Off the Beaten Tracks Photography

Off the Beaten Tracks is the name of a nice group-show by four talented photographers, focusing on the often bizarre protagonists of the multiple parallel worlds around us...

Hidden Champion, 2009

Creating like a Pro, Urban Art Photography

My new photo-series shows spray cans, brushes, paint buckets, masking tape, markers, gloves, even more cans, fire-extinguishers, and everything else a street or graffiti artist probably needs...

ben eine - art takes miami

Urban Artists in Action, Art Takes Miami Voting

I need your support to make it possible to win the People’s Choice Award of this year’s Art Takes Miami contest! All you have to do is to simply vote for me and my Urban Artists in Action #1 photo-series...


JR’s Inside Out Project

The 2011 TED Prize winner and well-known French photographer JR started the Inside Out project earlier this year with the idea to create the world’s largest participatory art project! Recently the first episode of the documentary was published!


JR & The 28 Millimetres Project

For the last years, one of the most active and successful urban artists is the French photographer JR. He won the 2011 TED Prize and for that reason gave a brilliant interview about his projects...


Light Art Performance Photography

Light art, light writing, light drawing or light graffiti - the labels are versatile but in the end they describe one-shot time bulb exposure photography with light motions in front of the camera...


JR in China: The Wrinkles of Shanghai

Famous large-scale paste-up artist and photographer JR is currently in Shanghai for his latest project “The Wrinkles of the City” featuring elderly people and their memories. Brilliant urban artworks again!


Sex Art, Murals, 3D Installations & Interviews

A lot of new street art and graffiti things happened out there in the world in the last days. For that reason it’s time again for some new Urban Art Eye Candy link-tips...


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