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Rasta Dubstep Graffiti Performance

Dubstep, spray cans, brush and paint join forces and unite with latest digital production techniques - that’s the Symbiz Sound music video!


The Street Arts Melting Pot

The Street Arts Melting Pot festival is a international event for street arts, bringing together about 2.000 artists and performers from all over the world in Hamburg! It will take place this September or the first time...

anthony lister - live art

Anthony Lister Live Art Performance

As announced, famous Australian painter Anthony Lister did a nice live art performance in Jaybo’s Project Room (Herakut, Kofie, El Mac and other famous urban artists painted there before!) in Berlin two days...


Mode2 Live Art Performance

Mode2 is one of the most famous graffiti artists in Europe – his skills in bringing painted characters to live are well-known around the world. This is why I’m always happy to find...


Explosion Wall Art by Vhils

Vhils recently did a fantastic and energetic urban destruction performance to visualize the music by Portuguese band Orelha Negra. The result is awesome and a must to see for fans of rough urban art!


Parisian Live Art Installation

The two well-known Parisian graffiti artists Babou and Tanc will create two unique performances to explore the visual and emotional boundaries between art, music and life. Sounds interesting...


Intervention: Ghostbusters in New York!

Wow, real ghostbusting action in New York: Four Ghostbusters stormed the New York Public Library and hunted some mean ghosts, which were hidden there...

Visual Facade Projection – Quadrature

It’s a greate mixture of architecture as well as audio and visual techniques, which shows how to transform, create, expand, amplify and interpret spaces by using large scale video projections...


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