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Urban Design and Architecture Film Festival

Urban Design & Architecture Film Festival

A passion for making urban design more exciting, engaging and accessible to the public is the idea behind the urbanism film festival UR{BNE}.

Urban Space Movement

My Playground – Urban Space Movement

Movement in urban space is a quite interesting topic. “My Playground” explores the way Parkour and Freerunning is changing the perception of urban space...


Largest Parkour Jam on Earth

Over 3,500 traceurs in 37 countries teamed up, called for a world with clean power and set a new Guinness world record! This was the “One Giant Leap” parkour jam...


Samparkour – Parkour in São Paulo

“Le Parkour” is a worldwide urban movement and trend sport - not just since yesterday! The short film “Samparkour” shows interesting Parkour impressions from Brazil.

Urban Top Shots #4

Every week I present the three urban top shots from the Urban Artcore Flickr group. This time, the great urban shots come from around the world. If you need inspiration, take a look!

Out of Time – Urban Extreme Sports

Urban extreme sports from Russia - The guys in this video clip, use an old playground for their Parkour-inspired moves, jumps and balancing acts...

Urban Idiots: “Parkour is an Urban Sport”

For some years two new sports impress the people in the public space of urban landscapes around the world: Parkour & Freerunning. I talked to a member of the best Freerunning-team in Berlin - Urban Idiots...


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