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bikini lines cactus dome

World’s Largest Painting: Bikini Lines

With special permission from the Marshallese Government, the Bikini Lines project is going to paint the world’s largest painting on the enormous Cactus Dome!

jakob tolstrup - studio visit

Jakob Tolstrup Studio-Visit

With Danish artist Jakob Tolstrup in Berlin, the Gemran capital got another attraction! His paintings are humorous illustrated caricatures of modern society. I just visited his studio...

From Print to Urban Regeneration

Urban Regeneration, ZEDZ

ZEDZ, well-known Dutch graffiti-writing master, sculptor and urban artist realized a fine art print that subsequently went painted on a huge bridge in Milan...


Quintessenz Creation: Color my Kingdom

During the IBUg street art festival 2011 German creative collective Quintessenz Creation produced a new stop motion film, using stop motion techniques, live sequences and loads of colorful paint...


Stattmarkt: Urban Art X-Mas Market

If you’re an urban art enthusiast and you’re still searching for a nice X-mas present, you should definitely check out the upcoming urban art X-mas market in the Stattbad pools in Berlin!

aryz hello world

Aryz – Hello World Exhibition

Aryz, one of the most famous urban artists around the world, opened his Hello World exhibition at the Montana Gallery in Barcelona just a few days ago, presenting oil paintings and drawings...

jakob tolstrup - Works of Art

Jakob Tolstrup, Works of Art Exhibition

Last Friday, Danish artist Jakob Tolstrup opened his Work of Art solo-show at Voo Store in Berlin, presenting his latest Berlin inspired drawings and paintings...

stephen hiam - spray paint chaos

Stephen Hiam’s Chaos Painting Machine

Painting with self-made or customized machines, Berlin-based graffiti-inspired artist Stephen Hiam creates crazy abstract artworks by combining paint and chaos! Check him out...


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