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shida mural in lodz

Urban Forms: Shida Mural in Lodz

Shida Mural: Aussie street artist Shida came up with a new vibrant mural artwork for Urban Forms in Lodz, Poland. Check it out, it’s amazing!

remi rough - skull painting

Howto Use Colour & Manipulate People

How to Use Colour and Manipulate People is the latest solo-show by famous abstract graffiti artist Remi Rough. Here are some insights...

montana acrylic marker set

Win Your Montana Acrylic Marker Set!

Win Your Montana Acrylic Marker Set! Together with Inflammable.com we’re going to give away three Montana Acrylic Marker Sets - get yours!

urban shoot paintings

EPOS 257’s Urban Shooting Paintings

Czech urban art crew EPOS 257 uses homemade weapon and ammunition to shoot billboards and create paintball-like paintings in public space!

Boa Mistura Brazil

Painting Favelas: Boa Mistura in Sao Paulo

Spanish urban art crew Boa Mistura went to Brazil earlier this year and beautified a favela in Sao Paulo. This is their video documentary!

adnate in melbourne

Lost Culture: Matt Adnate in Melbourne

Famous Australian urban artist matt Adnate is going to open his Lost Culture exhibition in Melbourne! It’s a must go for those in Australia!

Alex Diamond unmasked

The Unusual Story of Alex Diamond

The Alex Diamond Mining Company is the latest chapter in the unusual story of Alex Diamond, an artist project evading a fixed personality...

TFS - Anamorphic Painting

Anamorphic Graffiti – TSF Crew

French TSF crew just came up with several impressing anamorphic graffiti works, using anamorphosis to create great, confusing effects!


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