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Video Painting – Painting Videos onto Walls

Sweatshoppe crew developed a technology that allows them to create the illusion that they are painting videos onto walls: Video Painting!


CHO Crew, Russian Graffiti

Russian graffiti crew CHO is going to publish a nice film about the actions they did while traveling through Spain, France and Russia. This is the first teaser...


Blu: New Murals in Europe

Because famous mural artist Blu was quite busy in the last weeks, I decided to create a small collection of his latest urban artworks in Europe. Make sure you didn’t missed one of his amazing wall-paintings!


Mural Art: Madrid is Blu!

A huge wall, a lot of paint, some paint roller and a creative idea - That’s what urban artist Blu needs to create those great mural artworks like he recently did in Madrid!


Mural Art: Blu, Sam3 & Os Gêmeos in Lisbon

Famous urban artists and mural art painter Os Gêmeos, Blu and Sam3 recently started to paint the facade of two abandoned houses in Lisbon! Here are some first impressions...

wishing well nomad

Nomad, The Pink Ninja

Recently, the biggest wishing well in the world was created by famous urban artist Nomad. He is on Grand Canary and gigantic. Maybe you could see him from outer space...

sweatshoppe light art

Sweatshoppe – LED Paint Roller

It’s really interesting to see, how a green LED paint roller paints a whole wall with video clips. Fake? No, it’s an interactive light projection technology!


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