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Boneyard Project Video

Boneyard Project – Airplane Graffiti Video

The official Boneyard Project video shows artists Faile, Andrew Schoultz and Bast expressing their enthusiasm and frustrations with painting airplanes!

plane graffiti - boneyard project

Plane Graffiti – Boneyard Project

In my eyes, plane graffiti is next level train graffiti even if the painted aircrafts are old and abandoned. It’s a view you will never forget and for that reason I love the Boneyard Project!


Freedom Park Berlin

For the 50th anniversary of the beginning of building the berlin wall in 1961 the Freedom Park exhibition presents a selection of paintings by contemporary artists made on the original cement segments of the Berlin Wall.

nunca berlin wall graffiti

Nunca, Berlin Wall Graffiti

Famous Brazilian graffiti artists Nunca just visited Berlin to paint an original wall segments from the former inner-German border as a part of the Berlin Wall Freedom Park in memory of the Berlin Wall building up 50 years ago...

freedom park graffiti

Berlin Wall Freedom Park

In memory of the Berlin Wall building up 50 years ago and to create an artistic sign for freedom, eight famous urban artists including Superblast, Nunca and Miss Van are going to repaint several original wall segments!


Geometric Urban Art, Street Art Cantina & Murals

Before you will enjoy the sunny weather and watching football, here are some interesting street art and graffiti news from around the world...

Nunca Graffiti – Talking Walls

Brazilian graffiti artist Nunca is one of the most popular young urban artist worldwide. The high richness of detail in his artworks and his enormous influence on the Brazilian urban scene made him famous...


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