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Wedding Walls – New Murals for Berlin

“Wedding Walls” is an upcoming urban art project which presents six famous urban artists including for example Nomad, Victor Ash and M-City, repainting huge old walls in Berlin! More info...


Galeria Autonomica: Urban Contamporary Art Munich

“Galeria Autonomica” is an alternative concept of exhibiting urban contemporary art in so-called off-locations like lofts being under construction. The next one takes place this week in Munich!


Escape 2010 Urban Art Festival

Three days ago, the urban art festival “Escape 2010” started in Vienna, showing latest artworks by Xoooox, Nomad, Jaybo, Faith47 and other well-known urban-inspired artists!


Escape Urban Art, Vienna

Some of the world’s urban a-list artists will meet-up in Vienna this October! They will be the main-acts at the urban art exhibition “Escape the Golden Cage”...

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Nomad, The Pink Ninja

Recently, the biggest wishing well in the world was created by famous urban artist Nomad. He is on Grand Canary and gigantic. Maybe you could see him from outer space...

Nomad’s New Artworks

Recently Berlin based street artist Nomad updated his photo-blog, including some new and interesting shots of his “Land Art” project. Take a look!

DIY Art: Color Ink Book

There are a lot of good art magazines around the globe, but i really like the “Color Ink Book”, which was published in its sixth edition a month ago...

Nomad – Classical Painting & Street Art

From street into the gallery - Yesterday, famous Berlin-based urban artist Nomad opened his new exhibition “Rainbowcoloured Tears of a Clown”. I took some photos...


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