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Space Invader in Düsseldorf

Space Invaders in Düsseldorf

Anne Lucht’s visual music clip takes you to Düsseldorf, Germany, introducing a low-res alien gang bopping their heads to Lorenz Rhode’s krautrocky tune.


Rasta Dubstep Graffiti Performance

Dubstep, spray cans, brush and paint join forces and unite with latest digital production techniques - that’s the Symbiz Sound music video!

molotov cocktail artwork

Top Urban Art Actions 2011

This urban art recap is about the top ten urban art actions which took place during 2011, including automated train graffiti machines as well as molotov cocktail art and an advertising takeover...


Review: Eurocultured Street Festival in Turku

Eurocultured Retrospective is a half an hour documentary exploring the Eurocultured Festivals origins and unique delights featuring live performances and interviews with famous graffiti artists like Aryz...


Emess City Music, Stockholm

Berlin-based street artist Emess, who is well-known especially for his nice stencil collages, came up with a new project back in 2010 which is called City Music. This public art project is about...


Explosion Wall Art by Vhils

Vhils recently did a fantastic and energetic urban destruction performance to visualize the music by Portuguese band Orelha Negra. The result is awesome and a must to see for fans of rough urban art!

Street Festival: Eurocultured in Manchester

At the end of May, the very interesting street festival “Eurocultured” will take place in Manchester. In addition to a lot of good music also Herakut, Aryz, Toast and other street artists will be present...

Live Underground – Urban Music

Subway Music - It’s an urban phenomenon! The great video “Live Underground” presents in a fantastic way some very talented subway musicians from New York...


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