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Urban Art Recap, June 2012

Urban Art Recap: A female stencil art series, a street light switch, an urban art hype machine, an urban art exhibition and a football field.

brainwash in london

Mr. Brainwash Hype Machine in London

Mr. Brainwash is in London! He or his team just started to paste up huge British themed artworks in Holburn, central London. Expect more...


Mr. Brainwash Gets Protection

After Banksy, it’s now Mr. Brainwash whose stencil artworks are getting protected by local citizen in Los Angeles. In my eyes protecting street art with plexiglass is more than weird...


Mr. Brainwash: Happy Valentines Day

“Je t’aime” and “I love you!” - Mr. Brainwash sends us warm-hearted wishes, printed on paper. The most controversial artists in the street art scene uses Valentines Day to make his love art public...


Watch Banksy’s Film Online! #Updated

Exit Through The Gift Shop is a masterpiece of a street art documentary? Well, I don’t really know, but it’s online now, so you can watch it and make your own opinion. Watch “Exit Through The Gift Shop” now!

Exclusive: Exit Through The Gift Shop Sneak Peek

In a few days, the street art documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop” by street art legend Banksy will come into the US-American cinemas. Here is another exclusive preview teaser...


Mr. Brainwash – Terrible Artist or Worst Artist ever?

Two days ago, Mr. Brainwash’s so called “art show” in New York opened its doors. He is one of the most controversial people in the international street art scene...

Review: Banksy’s Street Art Documentary

Today I watched Banksy’s the street art documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop” or “How Mr. Brainwash overtrumped Banksy”! Here is my short review...


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