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Street Lamp Light Switch in Berlin

Street Lamp Light Switch

The Cheesecake Powerhouse installed a street lamp light switch in the streets of Berlin, allowing people to power on or off the street lamp!

GorillaLighting Facade

Light Graffiti – Gorillas Occupy Industrial Harbour

In one of the industrial harbours along the Rhine river, a light graffiti crew used the strange, dirty and old scenery to awake Gorillas! GorillaLighting is a light art crew from Germany who...


Neko – NY Light Takeover

New York City based urban artist Neko transforms advert light-boxes into artistic, colorful installations by modifying the lights, windows, etc. Looks damn great and is a good thing to do!


Graffiti Research Lab Germany

The Graffiti Research Lab is well-known around the globe for their innovative work with art in urban space. The Berlin-based GRL branch just hit the streets and did some great actions!


Light Painting WiFi

WiFi is all around us. Three creative technician now developed a light art tool for making WiFi visible. The results are nice examples of technically influences, abstract urban artworks...


Light-Painting in Kazakhstan

Marko from France creates interesting light-paintings. Earlier this year he traveled to Kazakhstan and did some nice light artworks. have a look and be impressed!


Light Art Performance Photography

Light art, light writing, light drawing or light graffiti - the labels are versatile but in the end they describe one-shot time bulb exposure photography with light motions in front of the camera...

Visual Facade Projection – Quadrature

It’s a greate mixture of architecture as well as audio and visual techniques, which shows how to transform, create, expand, amplify and interpret spaces by using large scale video projections...


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